Should you maybe not be driving that, for safety reasons?

During the course of ownership, your car is going to experience some wear and tear. Your car might even end up with some scrapes and scratches from a fender-bender or two, but still be perfectly operable. But when your car gets totaled, or is at a minimum probably not safe to drive, you should probably find another way to get where you’re going, right?

Apparently not for this truck driver, whose truck’s perilous state was captured on video by Twitter user @righteousness03:

▼ “Even trucks that look like this can run, apparently hahaha”

Astonishingly, the truck’s entire left side is smashed in, and its roof is leaning quite a bit to the left as well. The passenger side door is also hanging almost completely off its hinges! It looks and sounds like it’s dragging on the road, but it’s not sending up any sparks, at least. But the left tire definitely looks flat, and as it rolls down the road, it’s flinging a strand of rubber around.

One has to wonder if a truck in such a condition is safe to drive, especially on the highway. Are those parts not in danger of falling of in the middle of the road? It’s hard to tell in the video, but the door at least might be tied on to the frame with something. But what about the windshield? It’s very obviously damaged; is there no risk of it shattering further and injuring the driver?

Funnily enough, the people in the video seem to find the state of this truck hysterical, which lightens the mood a little bit. Some of the viewers on Twitter took it as a joke, too:

“I bet it hasn’t passed its annual safety examination.”
“It’s like Grand Theft Auto!”
“Nice! I got a good laugh out of this.”
“You still gotta get to work on time.”
“It reminds me of Gone in 60 Seconds!”
“It sounds like a roller coaster lol”

Still, other netizens could not help but be concerned:

“That’s definitely a traffic law violation, isn’t it?”
“OMG! That’s actually scary.”
“That is unreal.”
“It looks like it’s going to fall apart as it goes down the road!”
“That’s some serious damage!”
“That’s so dangerous! Definitely a traffic law violation. It’s not something to laugh at!”

As one helpful netizen pointed out, it could be headed to the police station or to a mechanic, which is plausible since the area looks rural enough to require a trip down the highway to the nearest one. But either way you look at it, that truck is in a pretty crazy state. How it got there, we don’t know, but the damage is sufficient enough to be as bad as the time a car flew up the median and smashed into an oncoming bus. Hopefully no one was injured!

Source: Twitter/@righteousness03 via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@righteousness03
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