If Fast and Furious was about 1970s Japanese truckers, this dekotora would be the star【Photos】

The hero car from “Truck Guys” is now a real-life hero too.

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Half-destroyed truck seen driving down Japanese highway, astounds drivers【Video】

Should you maybe not be driving that, for safety reasons?

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1,000 boxes of disposable chopsticks dumped on Tokyo freeway following delivery truck fire【Video】

It’s a bad day at work for driver of a shipment made entirely of tinder.

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Japan has awesome trains that transform into trucks for best-of-both-worlds mobility【Video】

Video shot in Tokyo’s Shibuya Station shows the elusive kirikusha in the wild.

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Japan’s insane “dekotora” vehicles look like Transformers come to life【Video】

Disco trucks in the spotlight.

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Japanese garbage trucks are the latest vehicles to get the full makeover treatment

Who can clean up the neighborhood and look good doing it? The garbage man can!

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Japanese sewage trucks now smell like chocolate

The new technology has been developed to help mask unpleasant odours.

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An ode to Japan’s musical trucks and the wondrous things they sell

The next time someone asks, “What’s your favourite thing about Japan?”, I know what I’m going to say.

When I was growing up in England, the only thing you could buy from a cute little musical van that drove around the neighbourhood was ice cream, and for the approximately eleven-and-a-half months of the year when it was too cold to eat an ice cream, you had to make do with a “mix-up bag” (like pick ‘n’ mix, but without the “pick” part – that is to say, without the element of choice) which consisted of ten gummy sweets no one ever liked anyway.

Sure, in city centres and at events in England we have vendors selling fast food. But our burger and falafel trucks don’t drive door-to-door playing old-fashioned jingles like an ice cream van does. In Japan, however, there are a bunch of tiny vans, privately owned, that each specialise in one product and each have their own song. And it’s not just food, either. The things you can buy off the back of those little musical trucks are amazing.

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