Will they be able to make cleaning great again?

Self-professed “crazy tidying fanatic” Marie Kondo has been taking America by storm recently, transforming people and their homes for her hugely popular “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” Netflix series.

Kondo never fails to spark joy in the houses of the people she visits, but now it seems the decluttering expert has met her match in this video, which comes to us from GZERO media. The new clip sees Kondo stepping inside the White House to “make cleaning great again”, but it seems that this house is one she just can’t fix.

Take a look at the clip below:

In the clip, we can see puppet Kondo, perfectly voiced by a Japanese speaker who sounds just like Kondo herself, talking to camera as she does in the original Netflix series. She introduces herself with: “Hello, my name is Marie Kondo and my mission is to spark joy in the world through cleaning!”

Kondo then enters the White House, greeting the president with an enthusiastic “Konnichi wa!” before attempting to hug him.

It’s a frosty beginning, and one that continues as Trump begins to boast about “having more stuff than any president in the first two years”, including properties, hotels, business ties…and actual ties. This prompts Kondo to begin tidying his wardrobe, using her konmari folding method, which leaves him looking somewhat confused. However, he appears to understand the concept of “spark joy” when she likens it to the feeling he gets when he “sends tweets at 6am”.

There’s another breakthrough moment when Trump realises that the “very unfair treatment” he’s received from “the New York Times and other failing media” actually brings him joy.

Then, when Trump asks her why she’s speaking Japanese to him in the White House, she turns to camera and says, “It’s a symbol of decline in American power”. As many will know, this is referencing the now-deleted controversial tweet by American political activist and author Barbara Ehrenreich, who said “I will be convinced that America is not in decline only when our de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo learns to speak English.”

Kondo then goes on to suggest that Trump tidy up his foreign policies by sorting the items into categories like “allies” and “adversaries”. However, in the end, she herself concedes defeat, saying “I could not help this man”.

The political satire is part of the Puppet Regime series shown at the end of each episode of GZERO WORLD with Ian Bremmer, which is broadcast on two public television stations in the U.S. The puppets offer a lighter look at political issues in the news, and Kondo is the latest celebrity to star in the series, which isn’t bad for a woman who got her start at her grandmother’s house in Miyazaki Prefecture.

Source, images: YouTube/GZERO Media
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