Suspect gives a bad name to all lovers of disgusting boots.

At about 4 a.m. at a poultry processing plant in Adachi Ward, Tokyo, a shadowy figure entered a building where the employees stored their boots at the end of a hard, sweaty day’s work. The sinister bandit admired the footwear before plucking two pairs and stuffing them into his knapsack.

However, his insatiable lust for recently used long rubber boots was to be his downfall. Having already hit this factory before and stolen 12 pairs in previous heists, police grew wise to his hustle and had an officer stake out the facility.

So, just as the thief rode away from the factory on his bicycle, he was stopped by the cop who searched his bag and found the ill-gotten boots. According to Tokyo Metropolitan Police, 53-year-old Hiroyuki Kamio admitted to the crimes saying, “I like working men’s boots.”

A simple confession and yet it really says it all, doesn’t it? Netizens in Japan always enjoy a bizarre perv story and if there were an Oscars for such a thing, this would probably be a front-runner.

“That’s quite a pervert right there.”
“Shouldn’t it be about the man inside the boots?”
“So did he like the smell? What else could it be?”
“Not sneakers or dress shoes, it had to be those boots.”
“Is he part Golden Lab?”
“Maybe he just has a keen interest in the food processing industry.”
“Hell, I’d sell him my boots for $50.”
“The guy is a lot better-looking than I imagined.”
“I was thinking about selling my old boots online but I didn’t think anyone would want them…”

Not to kink shame here, I mean, if smelling and caressing the scent of various fungi and bacteria stewing in the tepid environment of a sealed rubber boot that has been stomping through raw chicken entrails is your thing…more power to you.

But it’s important that you source your nasty boots the right way, through legal channels. This is not only out of respect to the property of others, but to ensure the quality of your filthy footwear. Perhaps the real horror of this case is that the suspect couldn’t even be sure those boots belonged to men. Meat processing seems like it’d be a relatively unisex occupation, compared to other factory work such as a cheese factory or mosquito breeding facility.

Source: TV Asahi, Itai News
Top image: Wikipedia/Shao
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