Relationship advice YouTuber changed his whole look in very little time.

Takumi Nakau is pretty much what you’d find in an illustrated dictionary next to the entry for “modern handsome Japanese dude.”

Between his nearly flawless-looking skin and meticulously coiffed hairstyle with a constantly evolving color, the 19-year-old Nakau looks like he could be a fashion model or pop idol.

In actuality, though, Nakau is a college student living in Kobe. He’s managed to build a large social media fanbase, though, and also runs a popular YouTube channel, called Takufute Channel, where he and his girlfriend talk about relationship issues and advice.

However, while Nakau’s looks and on-camera confidence no doubt make him the envy of many, he himself points out that he wasn’t born with this model-quality appearance. As a matter of fact, just a few years ago he looked very different, as shown in a series of photos he recently shared through his twitter account.

The top photos show Nakau during his second year of high school, which in Japan corresponds to the ages of 16 and 17, whereas the bottom show his so-photogenic-he-even-looks-cool-while-chowing-down-on-a-greasy-turkey-leg present.

Looking back on his metamorphosis, Nakau tweets:

“I do this every time I get a lot of new followers.

I used to be the sort of super-gloomy-looking guy you see here. Well, when I hit my second year of high school, I thought I had to make a change, so I worked hard and became the person I am now. I used to be that kind of guy, but if you work hard, things will get better, so don’t give up, is what I want to say.”

▼ Nakau also mentions his past in this video, where his high school self was a guy who “wore glasses, had a dorky hairstyle, and didn’t wear fashionable clothes.”

That said, Nakau is quick to point out in the above video that even now, he doesn’t think of himself as someone who’s particularly popular with the ladies, just as someone who’s changed his image to be more like the person he now wants to be.

While he doesn’t mention what specific ways he put effort into his new look (aside from the obvious ones of getting contacts and a new hairstyle), his message simply seems to be that if you try hard, you have the power to reinvent yourself, and that the transformation might not take as much time as you think.

Source: Twitter/@takumisab via Hachima Kiko
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