Our male Japanese-language reporter gets a professional makeover, becomes pretty cheerleader

Football players might be surprised by what they’d find under this cheerleader’s skirt…

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Tokyo miracle hairstylist returns with new geek-to-chic video, plus how to have him cut your hair

Want the Japanese Internet’s favorite hairstylist to transform your hairdo? Here’s how to make an appointment.

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Shibuya stylist transforms nerdy-looking man into handsome guy with a trendy makeover【Video】

This new look could give him a new confidence in life.

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The power of makeup: new Chinese transformation meme on social media enthralls Japanese netizens

Series of attitude-packed videos featuring people morphing into breathtaking individuals leaves everyone wanting more.

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Kyoto’s fox bride wedding kimono makeovers let you indulge in cultural cosplay

Photos studio in the historical Arashiyama neighborhood offers a makeover/photo package you won’t find anywhere else.

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We got a circus show-girl makeover at Studio Esperanto in Kyoto 【Photos】

Do you want to be glamorous for a day? Studio Esperanto can help with that!

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This stoic gentleman is Sailor Suit Old Man?!?

Cue magical old man transformation sequence!

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Studio in Osaka lets you get photos taken as legendary samurai warlord Audrey Hepburn

Because geisha and warriors are passé, we went to a photo shoot to look like figures of Hollywood’s golden age.

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Our writer transforms into a rock goddess in hopes of teaming up legendary musician Yoshiki 【Vid】

Our Japanese-language writer gets a visual kei makeover as part of her quest to join the all-female follow-up to X Japan.

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Our reporter gets a genderless makeover and turns himself into Harajuku model Ryucheru

Nakazawa takes on the genderless-style trend currently sweeping Harajuku.

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The Washington Post would like you to meet RocketNews24’s Mr. Sato

RocketNews24’s Director of Craziness gains even more international fame as the award-winning American news organization showcases his Donald Trump makeover.

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What happens when you go to a Tokyo hair salon and say “Make me look like Donald Trump”? 【Pics】

In his latest makeover, RocketNews24’s very own Mr. Sato becomes The Donald.

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Eye-opening tutorial reveals daily makeup routine of a Japanese kuro-gyaru【Video】

There’s no blending or subtle shading in this daily makeup tutorial.

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Can lightning strike twice? We return to Tokyo’s host photo studio to crown the RocketHost 【Poll】

Mr. Sato isn’t the only RocketNews24 reporter who recently had a Kabukicho host club-style makeover, but is he the coolest? Cast your vote and help us decide!

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Tokyo’s host club photo studio will have you looking like the coolest Kabukicho club king

Believe it or not, our crack Japanese-language reporter, Mr. Sato, has been struggling with his self-image recently. In recognition of all his hard work, we decided to spring for a makeover for the poor guy, and not at a pet grooming salon like we did before.

No, this time, Mr. Sato is getting the full-on host bar treatment, complete with a photo session commemorating his transformation into a guy so hot women would pay money just to sit and drink with him.

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Japan’s netizens weigh in on singer Gackt’s new look: “He looks like a video game boss!”

As western stars who’ve been in the entertainment industry since we were nippers could tell you, reinvention is the cornerstone of a long and successful career. Just like Madonna and David Bowie, Japan’s mega-popular musical powerhouse Gackt loves a good makeover, and his newest incarnation has gotten Japanese netizens all riled up and excited. Why? Because he looks like a total badass!

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The quintessential Kyoto experience: becoming a maiko for the day! 【Pics & video】

They say that it’s rare to see a real maiko walking the streets of Kyoto, since these artists usually work at night and live in their own secluded world, far from the rest of Japanese society. In fact, if you spot a maiko strolling around Gion during the day, there’s a good chance she’s a tourist who’s undergone a fabulously elaborate makeover.

We took our Japan Wish competition winner Ashley to a studio in Kyoto’s Gion neighborhood to have a maiko-over and be transformed in an amazing process that yielded completely stunning results. Ashley was able to choose her own kimono and obi sash, and as part of the deal she was treated to a professional photography session and the opportunity to take a stroll around the streets of Gion in full maiko garb!

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Little girl gets a makeover but doesn’t like what she sees, Mum can’t contain her laughter【Video】

A Taiwanese mother recently gave her daughter a makeover, but it wasn’t the little girl who enjoyed it the most. If kids say the darnest things, then parents must be the ones who pull the funniest pranks on their offspring, and then have the last, biggest laugh of all.

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Yup, it’s time for another “Korean plastic surgery” picture post【Photos】

I’m not going to lie, I love transformation shows – home improvement, weight loss, makeovers, you name it. But plastic surgery shows are one of those that I keep on the down low, even more of a guilty pleasure than the others. They make the changes their participants go through seem like a piece of cake, often skipping over the majority of the long and painful process with snazzy montages and cut scenes.

Opinions are divided on plastic surgery, but whether you’re pro or anti-scalpel, you can’t fail to be amazed by some of the almost magical work these surgeons can perform. And of course some of the most dramatic changes are coming out of South Korea, one of the world’s hotspots for plastic surgery. Check out these photos; we promise we won’t tell anyone you did.

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Disney Villains Clean Up Well, Wow Japan

If you haven’t seen them already, the images of Disney villains given a more attractive spin have been making the rounds. In fact, some think they appear so beautiful that despite their notorious villainy, they’re probably out of most people’s league… especially Ursula, the half-woman, half-octopus from The Little Mermaid, and Jafar from Aladdin, who’s now a dead ringer for Omar Borkan Al Gala, one of the men allegedly kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being too ridiculously handsome.

Anyway, from Cruella de Vil to Shan Yu, they’ve all been given an extra tszuj and they’re absolutely fabulous. While many find the combination of bad and beautiful well-nigh irresistible, you could also draw a few conclusions as to society’s obsession with beauty (and Disney). Sigh.

Check out these dramatic before-and-after makeovers!

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