A Shiba dog shows the world that not all dogs are sloppy and messy as it savors homemade food by owner.

Recently, we’ve been spending a lot of time looking at Shiba Inu dogs, as they’ve been showing us their amazing talents and melting our hearts with their kind hearts. But many dog lovers can agree that when it comes to mealtime, even the best of our furry friends can be rough and impatient.


Purin, the star of the video whose name means “pudding” in Japanese and is nicknamed Pun-chan (or @punchan6 on Twitter), is seen waiting patiently while its owner prepares dinner. This particular meal was a Japanese-style rice omelet, made with finely chopped taro, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, chicken, and rice all wrapped nicely in an egg. Even as Pun-chan ate off of the spoon and later the plate, you could see the enjoyment and respect that he had for the well-cooked meal.


Pun-chan not only stays politely quiet at the sight of the food, he causes zero mess as he eats it. The Shiba’s owner, Teru Teru, calls this “Häagen-Dazs eating,” referring to the pace and also the idea of being immersed in a rich feeling similar to when you leisurely savor Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

▼ Pun-chan’s anticipation watching Teru Teru cook


But not all of Pun-chan’s meals are cooked in the kitchen, and his everyday meals are often ordinary dog food. Only on occasion does Teru Teru cook a meal for his lovely pet, and only because Pun-chan doesn’t really eat much in general.

After watching the video, we can safely say that not only are Shiba Inu cute, but some even have great manners. Hopefully Pun-chan will serve as an example to other dogs so that owners can have a little peace of mind, such as the one owner whose dog insists on a play or fight every time he says good night.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@punchan6
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