This cute pup thinks she can dog paddle through the air.

Over the years, we’ve fallen in love with Shiba Inu who laze around in flower boxes, poke their heads through holes and even sell sweet potatoes.

Now it’s time to fall in love with another pup, and this time it’s a smaller Mame Shiba (“Bean Shiba”) breed that’s taking centre stage, thanks to a three-year-old called Riri.

Riri likes a lot of things, including apples and sweet potatoes, but one thing she lives for is trips to the beach. And her favourite beaches are located in Miyakojima, Okinawa Prefecture, where the the water is clear and the sands are golden.

▼ Riri has been visiting Miyakojima since she was just a year old.

▼ At the beach, Riri can run around and play…

▼ Dig her nose into the sand…

▼ And show off her dog paddle skills…above water.

The Internet went crazy when they saw Riri paddling through the air, sending the above post viral with close to 200,000 views. The way she looks around at the water during her air paddle makes it seem as though Riri really thinks she’s making progress, which is probably because this pup really loves to swim.

▼ Look at her go!

Riri is a pup who’s stolen our hearts with her love for dog paddling. We can’t wait to see more videos of her beach trips this summer, and now we know how cute these dogs are in – and above – the water, we’ll have to add it to our list of five reasons why we love Shiba Inu!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Instgram/shiba_riri
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