Official assures us that posting pics from the Games is A-OK, and clarifies what you’re not allowed to share online.

A few days ago, while waiting to find out if our applications for tickets to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were successful or not, we were passing the time by reading through the fine print on spectator rules and regulations, and were startled to find a ban on social media posting. However, we’ve since been contacted by the Games’ organizers, who gave us some good news.

Previously, we’d mistakenly thought that the social media ban included photography, but Lavier has assured us that “spectators can enjoy posting photos on their social media accounts,” and so you’re free to share your snapshots of Olympic action with your followers around the world.

However, it’s important to note that this leniency is only in regards to still images. If you’re shooting video, or recording audio, that’s allowed for personal use, but posting the videos or audio clips to social media is expressly prohibited, as per the ticket purchase agreement that states:

“the Holder shall not transmit or distribute (or otherwise provide to a third party) any moving images and/or sounds taken or recorded within the Venue over television, radio, the internet (including on social media and by livestreaming), or any other electronic media whether now existing or created in the future with new technology, without the IOC’s prior consent.”

With full-motion video off the table, your opportunities for social media glory are limited to capturing the perfect, singular moment that defines the Olympic spirit, or perhaps shooting enough still images for a flip book-like effect while your followers scroll through your collected posts, but it’s good to know that the initial complete social media blackout we thought was happening isn’t actually taking place after all.

Top image: Pakutaso
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