Personality quiz reveals if you’re a fun-loving Grass Type or a relentless Dark Type.

While it won’t tell you every tiny detail about them, a quick glance at a Pokémon’s Type goes a long way in understanding their baseline characteristics. You can expect some high-damage attacks from Fire Types, for example, or plenty of status effects from Poison Pocket Monsters.

But have you ever stopped to ask what Type of Pokémon you yourself would be? Don’t worry, you don’t need to schedule an appointment with Professor Oak for an examination. Instead, he answer can be found in your Twitter or other social media posting habits, via this method developed by Japanese Twitter user @yeskiri.

So let’s check out the possible diagnoses:

● Your posts start/continue flame wars → You’re a Fire Type
● You send uptight responses to rain on other people’s parades → Water Type
● Your posts are pretty much just “LOL” → Grass Type
● You make toxic comments → Poison Type
● You have an account, but never post anything → Ghost Type
● When you spot a mistake in what someone else said, you can’t just let it go → Dark Type
● You regularly get your account frozen → Ice Type
● You like getting into arguments with other people → Fighting Type
● You’re so caught up in your own fantasies you don’t realize when you’re bothering others → Fairy Type
● No matter what anyone says, your never change your ironclad opinions → Steel Type

The Grass Type logic might be a little hard to follow unless you’re up on your Japanese-language Internet slang (long story short, “www,” which looks like blades of grass, is the Japanese version of “LOL”), but the rest of the equivalencies feel spot-on. The system is even compatible with the way in which some Pokémon in the games and anime are hybrid species. For example, if your excessively impolite comments get you banned from social media platforms, you’re a Poison/Ice Type.

However, passionate Pokémon fans will notice that not every type from the franchise is represented in @yeskiri’s list, and so commenters added a few ideas of their own:

● You just scroll quickly through posts without commenting → Flying type
● Your tweets are incomprehensible to normal people → Psychic Type
● Whenever there’s an earthquake, the first thing you do is tweet about it → Ground Type
● You’re able to use social media without acting like a weirdo → Normal Type

That still leaves Electric, Rock, Bug, and Dragon Types unaccounted for, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for an even more detailed Pokémon personality test, you can check out this quiz to see what specific species of Pokémon you’d be.

Source: Twitter/@yeskiri via Jin
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