The singer sniffs her rooms and gives us a house tour for new nationwide TV ad in Japan

Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has a huge following of loyal fans in Japan, who have been interested in her and her music even before she filmed her “Hello Kitty” music video here and her sister married a Japanese rock star.

So it’s no surprise that Lavigne is now appearing on our TV screens in Japan, in a new nationwide commercial for fabric and air care brand Laundrin’. And as an added treat for local viewers, the 34-year-old opens the ad by speaking Japanese, throwing in a “konnichi wa“, before saying “yokoso” (“welcome“) as she invites us into her palatial mansion.

While the TV ads run for 15 or 30 seconds, there’s a web-exclusive two-minute long version, which can be viewed below.

In the ad, Lavigne can be seen sniffing the Laundrin’-scented air in different rooms around the home and using the brand’s laundry detergent in her laundry room.

▼ At one point she says “Laundrin’ daisuki” (“I love Laundrin’“).

She also stops for a cute phone moment, where she says “moshi moshi“, the Japanese phrase used to say hello when answering the phone.

While filming the ad, Lavigne also gave a short interview, sending out a message to her Japanese fans.

The making-of video shows her receiving a huge kimono-clad Hello Kitty plushie after the shoot.

The ad comes shortly after the February release of Lavigne’s sixth studio album, Head Above Water. One of the singles from the album, “Dumb Blonde” featuring Nicki Minaj, can be heard playing in the background throughout the clip.

With no upcoming tour dates lined up to promote the new album, Lavigne’s fans are happy to have her on their screens promoting Japanese products for the time being. And given that Katy Perry was the last big name celebrity to promote Laundrin’ in Japan, we have a feeling that more famous faces from the international music world will be appearing in commercials for the brand in future.

Maybe next time it’ll be Noel Gallagher showing us around his “f***ing huge house”.

Source: PR Times
Top image: YouTube/ネイチャーラボ NatureLab Co., Ltd.
Insert images: YouTube/ネイチャーラボ NatureLab Co., Ltd., PR Times