Director of new horror action-adventure game Ghost Wire: Tokyo steals hearts and wins fans

Ghost Wire: Tokyo, the newest horror-themed action-adventure game by Japanese studio Tango Gameworks, was announced today at E3, the video game industry’s leading event in Los Angeles. Taking the stage to present the game were studio head Shinji Mikami, aka the “Father of Survival Horror”, who is one of the original creators of Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise, and the creative director of the new game, Ikumi Nakamura.

The title is a new intellectual property by the studio which also brought us the third-person survival horror title The Evil Within (a game so scary it actually changes the chemicals in your spit), and its sequel The Evil Within 2 under US publisher Bethesda, and the game reveal was accompanied by a stylish, mysterious trailer which introduces the concept. Set in modern-day Tokyo itself, Ghost Wire: Tokyo is an action adventure game which blends its contemporary Japan setting with supernatural horror elements, heavy on traditional Japanese themes.

▼ The trailer is dripping with atmosphere, showcasing a stunningly-realised Tokyo where unsettling and seemingly inexplicable events occur.

However, the video game industry audience’s attention seems to have been somewhat sidetracked by the unexpected cuteness of the game’s creative director, Ikumi Nakamura’s appearance onstage. Her upbeat and enthusiastic presentation of the game instantly endeared her to audiences and won her legions of fans, with memes and fan art springing up within the first few hours following the reveal.

▼ Fan art has mostly centered around the funky poses Nakamura made onstage, with the same pose being utilised many times over.

Despite the fact that Nakamura is something of an industry veteran, having worked as an artist and art director on huge hit titles like Okami, Bayonetta, and The Evil Within, her turn on the stage had newly smitten audiences immediately running to Google to find out more about her. Hardcore fans of The Evil Within, however, already knew that Nakamura was one of three Tango Gameworks employees whom studio head Shinji Mikami had singled out to potentially direct a game for the studio in the future.

After her stellar work as lead artist on The Evil Within, which saw her create many of the series’ most iconic creatures, hype is high for the new Nakamura-directed action-adventure game.

While the memes and fan art are all in good fun (Nakamura herself has been retweeting some of her new fan art, showing that she appreciates the response) and while Bethesda’s stage shows tend to draw a lot of focus for their presenters’ personalities (fan favorites, Todd Howard and Pete Hines always garner a lot of online discussion and meme creation) we hope that fans will remember to appreciate Nakamura’s hard work and her artistic and creative talent. Ghost Wire: Tokyo looks fantastic and we’re eager to find out more about the game and Nakamura’s unique vision over the coming months. 

Featured image: Twitter/@mirakuru_miruku
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