We’ll soon be able to taste the video game series’ Kupo Nut for ourselves.

For the most part, Final Fantasy doesn’t do direct sequels. Instead, the iconic JRPG video game series is tied together by recurring design motifs and themes. A piece of music that gets used in every soundtrack. A legendary sword that shows up in every game’s world.

And soon, a beloved mascot creature that’ll appear in Japanese convenience stores.

Every autumn, you can count on two things happening in Japan: the leaves changing colors, and convenience stores selling a lot of piping-hot steamed buns. In addition to the standard pork bun, it’s pretty easy to find buns with curry or sweet bean fillings, but only at Family Mart can you get your hands on a Moogle Bun.

Since achieving worldwide fame in Final Fantasy VI, the Moogle has become a constant presence in the series bestiary.

▼ Some non-edible Moogle statues

So what’s inside the 180-yen (U$1.70) Moogle Bun? A mixture of salted pork and chicken, plus onion, bamboo shoot, and shiitake mushroom, so yes, it seems that even Moogle tastes like chicken. Speaking of which, Family Mart is also adding a new flavor to its Pokechiki bite-sized fried chicken lineup: the Kupo Nut Flavor Pokechiki, named after the Moogles’ favorite verbal tick and tasty treat from the Final Fantasy games.

▼ The 200-yen Kupo Nut flavor is apparently analogous to barbecue, with a mix of onion, garlic, and tomato notes.

Considering how tasty the Final Fantasy Limit Break fried chicken we had at Family Mart’s rival Lawson was earlier this year, we’ve got high hopes for both of these new Moogle snacks, which will be on sale from October 15 to November 4, and are definitely thinking about following them up with a stack of Moogle honey toast at the Final Fantasy cafe in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood.

Source: Family Mart via Otakomu
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