Even Thanos would struggle to down this awesome drink themed after six iconic characters from the movie.

It did not take Japanese-language writer Shawn long to figure out that being a fan of action movie Avengers: Endgame has its perks, as Japan has a ton of cool goodies like Avengers-themed Coca-Cola cans.

And as a die-hard fan of the movie himself, it was only a matter of time before Shawn heard rumors of a special bar in Tokyo that catered to movie buffs like him. Curiosity and an investigative mind led our intrepid reporter to Shibuya, outside of a pub split into two floors called the Whales of August.

▼ Unsure of whether to go up or down,
Shawn’s instincts directed him down a flight of stairs.

▼ A first glance revealed a somewhat cozy interior
filled with an assortment of movie posters…

▼ …but one look at the drinks menu completely changed his impression of the pub.

From Hollywood classics like E.T. and Titanic to recent blockbusters like Venom and Transformers, each original cocktail appeared to be themed after a particular movie. Although the establishment updates the menu regularly with different drinks, customers can always order certain award-winning cocktails, too.

▼ New arrivals this time included Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, and A Star Is Born.

Despite Shawn already having an Avengers: Endgame cocktail in mind, he regarded himself as a gracious individual and first paid respect to the highest grossing film of all time…

▼ …by getting an Avatar cocktail.

▼ A frosty-cold fluted glass was filled with bluish liquid and topped with a sprig of mint.

▼ “Blue representing the Na’vi citizens of Pandora and mint for its lush forests,”
Shawn murmured appreciatively.

A tentative sip brought a delightful taste as refreshing as it was blue, with a slight sweetness and an aroma he could not get enough of. “What’s in here bartender?” he asked. “Sparkling wine base mixed with an exotic Laraha citrus liqueur called Blue Curacao. It’s easy to drink but has a surprising alcohol kick,” the barkeep grinned.

▼ Cheers to the highest earning movie in the world.

Yet close behind Avatar’s heels is Shawn’s favorite Marvel movie, Avengers: Endgame, inching its way up and potentially ripping the crown off of the defending champion that will set the bar high for years to come. And as the bartender walked over with the themed cocktail, our tipsy reporter’s eyes widened in astonishment.

▼ “W-w-what is this!?” he exclaimed.

▼ Shawn’s hand trembled with the weight as he held it up,
“What cocktail? It’s a humongous fruit parfait!”

▼ But he soon spotted something familiar. Was that Captain America’s shield?

Now extremely eager to find all the references to superheroes present in the movie, Shawn immediately spotted a piece that tightened his chest.

▼ An apple filled with blue liqueur made to look like
Iron Man’s power core swirling with energy.

“The reactor’s so dazzling, bartender. It’s beautiful,” Shawn whispered almost inaudibly. “The arc reactor has to keep shining”, came the quiet reply, and both men shared a precious moment of silence for one of the mightiest heroes in Marvel history.

Examining the rest of the array, Shawn began to identify separate pieces of fruit that made up the Avengers. Black Panther was represented by three grapes, while Spider-Man was a little strawberry shooting out web-like orange peel. An entire wedge of lemon lodged into the middle was supposedly Thor’s hammer, while the frilly lemon peel at the side shaped into wings was Falcon.

▼ Including Iron Man, that’s five heroes right there.
Quite an impressive work of art!

The conspicuous slice of robust melon was none other than Hulk, with dragonfruit and its tiny seeds being Ant-Man. Thick pieces of pineapple signified portals opening to let in troops for the final showdown against Thanos. As different bartenders work in Whales of August, customers can expect to find slightly different variations of this epic cocktail.

▼ It’s not just the Avengers, but the entire forces of Earth packed into one drink.

▼ We won’t reveal the spoilers hidden in the drink for those who are yet to see the movie.

So how was the cocktail? For one thing, the majority of the cocktail was made up of an assortment of fruits that may fluctuate in price, but Shawn was lucky enough to pin it down at 2,000 yen (US$18).

▼ He felt like a twisted version of Thanos, gobbling up all the delicious Avengers.

▼ The last bit in the glass had to be Thanos, like an icy font of power and strength.

▼ Its beautiful bluish-purple liquid had a mild sweetness
and tasted very much like an energy drink!

“That’s right,” the barkeep said, “It contains a German liqueur called Red Bear Energy. Much like its namesake, it’s packed with taurine and guarana normally found in energy drinks.” A fitting testament to Thanos’ unbending will and determination in pursuit of his goals.

In sipping what was truly the conclusion of an epic Marvel series, Shawn finally found closure in both spirit and mind with the Avengers: Endgame cocktail. What a trip it had been, and what better way to celebrate the iconic film for fans than to pay a visit to this amazing bar.

Store information
Whales of August / 八月の鯨
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Udagawa-cho, 28-13, Kado Building, basement and 2nd floor
東京都渋谷区宇田川町28-13 門ビル 地下1階 & 2階
Open: 6 p.m.-4:a.m.

Images: ©SoraNews24
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