We visit super popular tuna specialty joint Izakaya Hitoshi on Okinawa’s Ishigaki Island

After failing to secure a reservation for one month prior to his visit, our reporter gets in with some luck and ascends to tuna heaven.

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All-you-can-drink deal lets you chug down unlimited alcohol at 138 Japan locations for a month

At just $37, you can easily get your money back with just ten drinks.

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We ordered an Avengers: Endgame cocktail and got a drink brimming with the might of superheroes

Even Thanos would struggle to down this awesome drink themed after six iconic characters from the movie.

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Japanese restaurant puts up sign that every waiter and waitress has always wanted

Being rude here is going to cost you.

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Tokyo’s cat pub, the cat cafe for grown-ups

In Japan, since so many people who love cute animals live in apartments that don’t allow pets, you can find cafes that’ll let you relax in the company of everything from owls to bunnies. The most common and widely documented are of course cat cafes, but what do you do when you’re craving not only a little feline companionship, but also want something a bit stronger than a cup of coffee?

Simple: you head to the cat pub in Tokyo.

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Sixth-Grader and Friends Served Beer and Other Alcoholic Drinks at Local Pub

On April 24, Kanagawa prefectural police sent papers to prosecutors concerning a pub operator in Yokohama city on suspicion that two of its female staff members violated the Entertainment Business Act by serving beer and other alcoholic drinks to a group of young girls, including a 6th grade elementary school student.
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