This brand new Instagram cat is already a star!

Cats are known to sleep in all kinds of funny positions: for one, they love to be curled up like a shrimp. But one of our absolute favorite sleeping cat forms is when they lay flat on their back with their legs sticking straight out, like a human would. Twitter star Tetsuro is probably the most famous for this, but now there’s a new contender for the cute sleeper award in town, and that’s Chata.

Chata is a darling orange and white calico munchkin kitten who’s not even three months old yet, but the little guy has already mastered the art of adorable snoozing. Like Tetsuro, he lays flat on his back without a care in the world, chin up to the sky, and eyes blissfully shut in deep slumber. But what makes Chata’s sleeping extra cute is his little tiny legs, which are so small they don’t even have enough weight to fall to the sides, like other cats’ do. Instead they tuck gently down against his body, as if he were snuggled into the itty-bittiest of beds.

When not sleeping like a perfect angel, it seems like Chata often likes to get up to mischief, which is something we can believe, based on the picture below. You can tell from the look on his face that he’s wondering what he can do with that camera. Still, he’s adorable enough to get away with it. Just look at those big, beady eyes!

Little Chata is new to Instagram, being, of course, only two-and-a-half months old, and has joined the account of his sister Chava, who is also a munchkin cat. Chava, at just eight months old, had already amassed quite a fan-base on Instagram before the arrival of her baby brother, with more than 34,000 followers. She’s pretty adorable too!

As the little brother, Chata often gets on Chava’s nerves and sometimes receives a stern scolding, but in the end they love each other.

Chata has only been a part of the family for a month now, so there’s only a few pictures of him on the kitties’ Instagram. But as time goes by we’ll probably see even more of this adorable sleeping angel! Follow Chata and Chava to make sure you get all the latest pictures. You won’t want to miss out!

Source: Instagram/@chava2023 via Net Lab
Featured Image: Instagram/@chava2023

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