Giant cats taking naps on train tracks — only in Japan

Leaked screenshots from the latest Godzilla movie? Nope, just a restaurant in Osaka!

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Tiny munchkin kitten sleeps like an angel in the cutest position, winning hearts of Instagram

This brand new Instagram cat is already a star!

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Japanese office worker finds stray “kittens,” vet says they’re dogs, they turn out to be neither

This kindhearted animal lover was in for a surprise when those babies got bigger!

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Heart-meltingly adorable kitten twins share bed, and Internet’s love【Videos】

There were two in the bed, and the little one said… “Meow”, or perhaps “Nyah”.

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Cute black cat waiting at register in Japanese convenience store makes us wonder where Kiki is

The unaccompanied kitten is winning hearts for looking just like Jiji, the cat from Kiki’s Delivery Service, out on a magical errand.

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Videos of Japanese kitten learning to climb stairs are amazingly heartwarming and inspiring

They grow up so fast/adorably, don’t they?

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Adorable kitten adopts kanji pose, shows us how to truly relax【Video】

This cute fur ball seems to have no worries and lets it all hang all out.

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This precious kitten’s “squeak” is making us all squee! 【Video】

Not another cat video! …said no one ever. We here at RocketNews24 know just as well as anyone that nothing does cuteness more purrfectly than cats do. We’ve found one kitten, though, that’s people in Japan mad, and absolutely killing us with its most adorable, squeaky meow.

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If I fits, I sits! Adorable kitten playing with tissue box finds even cuter surprise inside

Here at RocketNews24, we love cute animals! From Shiba Inu to fuzzy ferrets to sleepy hamsters, we’ve got your daily dose of d’aww covered.  So here is your latest fix: a kitten playing in a tissue box!

But wait! There’s more! This is not your ordinary tissue box. There’s a surprise waiting inside, so read on to see what it is!

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Drummer for visual kei band evokes smiles online with photos of adorable rescue kitten

Whether people like to admit it or not, a big part of being in a successful band is maintaining an image. Sure, we know deep down that most of our favorite musicians are just normal people with very specific talents, but we still love to see them as their over-the-top personas. David Bowie may be a great singer, but a good chunk of his success comes just from being so flipping weird all the time.

For visual kei bands in Japan, the “visual” aspect—and thus the image—can be almost as important the music for fans, and visual kei band The Black Swan are no different. But despite the dark, often graphic nature of their videos and general image, their drummer has revealed himself to be a big ol’ softie by posting a plethora of photos of his rescue kitty on Twitter…and winning the hearts of Internet users throughout Japan!

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Forget the flowers, these Japanese households are growing potted felines! 【Pics】

Don’t be alarmed if your kids aren’t exactly enthusiastic at your suggestion to grow vegetables in the backyard this summer. After all, why would you grow cabbage or tomatoes when you could just as easily grow a potful of kitties, like these Japanese families are doing?

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Cat gets caught in tissue box, dances into our hearts

It’s no secret that cats love tight spaces. From Maru squeezing into boxes to cats hanging out in vents, the only thing our feline friends love more than a saucer of milk is squeezing into just about anything. We don’t know exactly why, but we sure love to watch them go!

Of course, squeezing into tight spaces sometimes means getting stuck, as this adorable cat learned the hard way…

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Cat does bizarre dance for tiny kittens【Video】

My family got its first cat when I myself was barely a year old. She and I more or less grew up together, her dying (at which point I was heartbroken, naturally) when I was 23. We’ve also had a couple of other cats along the way, and whenever I see a cat in my neighbourhood here in Tokyo or visit my friends who have them, I always stop to say hello.

It turns out, however, that for all my years living with and around our domesticated feline friends, I clearly know nothing about them. I mean, can you explain what on earth this cat here is doing!?

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Adorable kitten charms us by falling alseep while fighting giant monster hand

Sleep. Is there anything more perfect and beautiful in this world? Perhaps, but whatever it is, we guarantee it’s not as cheap as sleep is!

The only thing that could possibly make sleep better is a kitten. We’re still working out the specifics, but we think we’ll have the napping-kitten blanket ready for all your deep rest needs next year. In the mean time, check out a video of a kitten who can fall asleep faster than you can say, “Holy cow, that was a long day! I sure am zzzzzzzzzzzz…”

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