The cute kitten who sleeps on his back like a human with a smile on his face doesn’t even move when he’s touched!

Japanese kitten Tetsuro is doing a good job of stealing hearts and winning fans online, and he does it all while he’s fast asleep. We’ve seen him snoozing on the sofa and crashed out on a bed in a darkened room, and now the adorable little kitten is back again, sleeping in his usual position, flat out on his back like a human, only this time he’s discovered a different cushioned surface to spread out on, surprising his doting owner again with an unbearable amount of cuteness!

▼ Take a look at Tetsuro blissed out in a deep, restful slumber below.

The adorable kitten is known for only sleeping on soft surfaces, and now he’s taken a liking to his human’s cushioned desk chair. While he usually sits on his owner’s lap when she’s on the chair, this time Tetsuro decided to test it out on his own, without any adult supervision. Judging by his deep, impenetrable sleep, the chair gets the thumbs-up from Tetsuro!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 7.17.12 PM

Twitter users have fallen in love with the cute clip, leaving plenty of adoring comments for the sweet kitten.

“Awww…his little face is too adorable!”
“I love how the chair swivels around to reveal his grand, majestic sleeping pose!”
“It’s so cute that he sleeps face-up!”
“He looks so peaceful.”
“As always, Tetsuro is simply magnificent!”

The cat, who’s yet to turn one, is continuing to pick up plenty of adoring fans in his sleep, with thousands of people following him on Twitter. Be sure to stop by to check out more of his cute photos and videos!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@goma_chips