Monarchs of their respective realms share smiles at posh event.

Last week, legendary Japanese musician Yoshiki, leader of seminal J-rock band X Japan, was in the news for his extremely generous donation to the charity fund for victims of the arson attack on anime production company Kyoto Animation. But while Yoshiki’s thoughts were with the people of Kyoto, his physical presence was on the other side of the planet, in the U.K.

Specifically, Yoshiki was at Buckingham Palace, and not as part of a standard tour of the complex. The worldly rocker was a guest at a function hosted by none other than the luxurious residence’s owners, the British royal family, and during the event he shared a conversation with Prince Charles himself.

“It was an honour to meet your Royal Highness Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace in London,” wrote the ever-gracious Yoshiki while sharing photos of the encounter on social media. Dapperly dressed in a slim-fitting tuxedo, Yoshiki shook hands with Prince Charles, who gave his guest a warm smile.

The swoon-worthy snapshots prompted fans online to leave comments such as:

“Yo-chan looks like a prince too!”
“He looks so good in a bowtie.”
“Seeing Yoshiki act just a little bit nervous makes him all the more gallant and charming.”
“Yoshiki is a citizen of the world.”
“Please have a concert at Buckingham Palace.”

▼ One commenter seems to have added a gilded frame of roses to the photos, although we think there’s a chance it just naturally materializes whenever Yoshiki does something cool.

The meeting between the pair comes slightly more than a month after Yoshiki caught a polo match with Prince Charles’ mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and perhaps his decision not to accentuate his tuxedo with a dashing scarf during his visit to Buckingham Palace is a result of what he learned on that day.

Source: Instagram/yoshikiofficial via IT Media
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