Global coffeehouse chain sets out on a sustainable journey in Japan. 

Starbucks Japan is often in the news for its seasonal drinkware and limited-edition Frappuccinos, but lately they’ve been branching out with branded stationery items too.

Now they’re taking things a step further, by teaming up with one of the country’s leading stationery companies, Kokuyo, to release a series of notebooks made with recycled milk cartons from Starbucks.

Kokuyo is well-known for its “Campus” notebooks, which are so ubiquitous they’re used by pretty much every school and university student in the country, and this is the brand of notebook that will be graced with the Starbucks makeover.

▼ The new “Starbucks Campus Ring Notebook” series will be available in standard white, and limited-edition blue-grey, pink, khaki and grey.

Given the popularity of both Campus notebooks and Starbucks, this news has caused a stir in Japan, particularly due to the fact that the products will be made from recyclable materials. Starbucks says they recycle approximately 1,000 tonnes of milk cartons every year, with staff carefully rinsing each used carton and bundling them up according to Japan’s strict recycling rules. This new collaboration with Kokuyo will turn these recycled milk packs into hard covers for the front and back of the A5-sized Campus notebooks, with a design that highlights the product’s sustainable journey from the coffee house to coffee table. 

The spiral-bound notebooks are sure to be a hit with Starbucks fans, who are so thirsty for branded goods that products like these are known to sell out as soon as they’re released in stores. So if you want to get your hands on a Starbucks milk carton notebook, be sure to get in quick when they’re released online and in selected stores around Japan from 30 August, where they’ll retail at a price point of 480 yen (US$4.54) plus tax.

Insert images: PR Times
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