Tumblers with cat ears and whipped cream lids are just some of the new designs in this gorgeous limited-edition collection.

Sakura season is coming to an end in Tokyo, which means it’ll soon be time to pack away our sakura-adorned Starbucks cups and tumblers for another year.

But as one season ends another begins, and Starbucks is already looking forward to the summer months with the unveiling of a brand new range of drinkware. Based around a summer party theme, there are 15 new items in the collection, ranging from beverage cards to stationery, tumblers and travel mugs. Let’s take a look at some of the best products in the range below.

The Frappuccino Pink Stainless To Go Logo Tumbler (3,300 yen [US$29.69]) comes with a cute Frappuccino motif and a pretty pastel pink body and pale blue lid.

The Whip Lid Heat-Resistant Glass Cap Happy is covered in tiny love hearts underneath a whipped cream lid, and comes complete with a reusable straw for 2,400 yen.


The Lemon Cap and Lid Yellow Sunny Bottle (2,400 yen) comes with a gorgeous lemon-shaped silicon cap and Frappuccino motif on the bright yellow body of the bottle.

The Handle Tumbler Happy (2,200 yen) features a fruit-and-heart motif with a cute handle on the side. The handle can be removed with a twist to make it easy to clean.

The Cold Cup Tumbler Frappuccino Party (2,000 yen) is designed for cold beverages and comes complete with a reusable straw. This one has an unusual design containing gold dots and star patterns on the inside which glisten and appear to move as you turn the cup.

The Cold Cup Tumbler Cat Lid (1,800 yen) has a domed lid in the shape of cat ears and a sparkly, colourful dot and confetti design.

Rounding off the collection is some cute stationery, including a pencil case for 1,600 yen and two notebooks in the shape of Starbucks Frappuccinos for 1,400 yen each.

The new limited-edition range is available to purchase in stores and online from 11 April. So when you pop into a Starbucks for your Double Ristretto Non-fat Breve Non-vanilla Mocha Non-whip Extra Chocolate Sauce Vanilla Frappuccino, be sure to check out the shelves for the summer drinkware range too.

Source, images: Starbucks Japan Press Release
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