The new season of Radiant has just the screencaps to make your shattered screen look completely intentional.

Let me set the scene for you.

You’re walking with your phone out (a heinous crime, to be fair). You laugh at a hilarious Weird Al Yankovic tweet and then…disaster strikes! Your raucous guffaw propels your phone out of your hand and down a flight of concrete steps.

You drop to your knees as you recover your phone, which now looks like it came off worse in a fight with a Shonen Jump character. How are you supposed to deal with this messy, unattractive screen until you scrounge up the cash to fix it?

Fear not!

Radiant, a manfra (manga-inspired French comic) by Tony Valente, has a second season in the works due to debut in October 2019. The story follows an aspiring sorcerer, Seth, and his team of friends as he quests to find the titular Radiant (the lair from which Nemesis, a race of evil monsters, spawn). As part of their advertising campaign, the official website is offering a “specialty wallpaper store” where you can download a number of wallpapers. Use them, and the screen’s cracks blend like magic into the action-packed scene on the wallpaper!

The folks running the website have even kindly sorted the wallpapers by the way in which your precious phone screen got shattered. Most of the wallpapers focus on a central crack like the ones seen above, but there are plenty of wallpapers targeted towards side or corner cracks too.

With the perfect positioning of these screen captures, the ugly cracks in the screen gain a unique gravitas. Of course your screen got cracked, look at how hard Seth punched it! Any screen would shatter after having Dart Dragunov fire an arrow at it! And really, we’d expect just as much earth-shattering impact from the series’ erstwhile villains, the Nemesis.

The show itself has a star-studded cast featuring Puella Magi Madoka Magica alumni Aoi Yuki and Laid Back Camp‘s Yumiri Hanamori, with the studio behind it having titles to their name such as the Dangan Ronpa franchise and Assassination Classroom. It’s a tough market out there for shonen anime heroes, though, so we don’t blame them for trying a novel approach to get their protagonist slapped onto cellphone screens.

Source, images: Radiant Official Website
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