The comedian makes us laugh at famous tourist spots from Tokyo to Kyoto. 

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of big-name celebrities visit Japan, and sometimes we even get to sit down and interview them too. One of the latest famous faces to grace our shores is comedian “Weird Al” Yankovic, and though he didn’t have time to stop by the SoraNews24 office during his visit, he still made us laugh with all the photos he took while he was here.

Yankovich arrived in Tokyo last month, and was welcomed to the country with this chocolate masterpiece from the Peninsula Hotel.

Like many visitors to Japan, Yankovich had Harajuku at the top of his list of places to go while in the city.

▼ He also took a moment to marvel at some Japanese signage.

The comedian was lucky enough to attend a Japanese festival, complete with food stalls which serve up tasty delights like this one, which isn’t actually a fried drill bit, but a whole fried potato on a stick!

Then it was on to one of the country’s most beautiful – and congested – tourist destinations, Kyoto.

After stepping into the shoes of a rickshaw driver for a moment, Yankovic went on to say hello to the deer at Nara Park.

At Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine, Yankovic recalled “Jurashiku Park”, the Japanese version of “Jurassic Park”, which appeared on the Japanese release of his 1993 Alapalooza album.

▼ Listen to the song, with Weird Al singing in Japanese, below:

▼ Yankovic also struck a pose at the Hakone Open-Air Museum

▼ And stopped by Hokanji temple in Kyoto for some gold-leaf ice cream.

After almost two weeks in Japan, Yankovic said goodbye to Japan on 5 April with this photo from the Hakone Open-Air Museum.

If you’re looking for a celebrity itinerary to take inspiration from during your next visit to Japan, you could do worse than follow in the footsteps of Weird Al.

However, if you want to avoid some of the crowds around Kyoto, you might want to try this early-morning walking tour, and if you’re feeding the deer in Nara, follow these tips to ensure you don’t become one of the many tourists who are injured by the animals there year after year!

Source: Twitter/@alyankovic
Featured image: Twitter/@alyankovic
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