We’ve seen a lot of cute and especially strange nail art from Japan, but we’ve never seen any that looked this delicious! Ebi, tamago, sake, and many more of our favorite sushi toppings grace the tops of this young woman’s nails, in what will probably make it even harder for chronic nail biters to kick the habit.

More up-close pictures and even more kinds of sushi nails after the jump!

The woman who created the oddly realistic nails is Nagoya resident, Ayamon, who posted the following photos to her Twitter account.

▼ “I made sushi nails, but they’re kinda gross lol!”

If “gross” means “expertly painted” and “good enough to eat,” then yes, Ayamon, your sushi nails are gross. Just look at the ones on her left hand!:

▼ Even the tentacles of the tako are wonderfully realistic!

And here’s a close-up of the entire bunch. Which one is your favorite to eat in real life or to have on your finger nails?


Source: Entabe
Images: Twitter (mqmx666)