Rich in eggs, flavor, and calories.

Japan has a thing for mayonnaise, and many argue that the nation boasts the best-tasting mayo on the planet. There was even a mayonnaise cafe open in Tokyo to celebrate Kewpie Mayo’s 100th anniversary, and you can also find mayonnaise-flavored snacks in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets.

Now Morinaga Milk Industry is taking things one step further. On September 23, Morinaga Milk Industry started sales of Japan’s first mayonnaise-flavored ice cream bar. Calorie Monster Cherio Creamy Mayonnaise Flavor boasts a complex mix of cookie, white chocolate, and mayonnaise that might be just sweet and egg-y enough to work.

▼ A white-chocolate center is surrounded by mayonnaise-flavored ice cream, then encased in a shell of white chocolate and cookie crumbs.

You’re probably wondering why it’s called “Calorie Monster;” that’s because, well, it’s pretty high in calories for a single ice cream bar. Each treat boasts 307 calories–about the same as a baked potato with sour cream, for reference.

Since the product dropped yesterday in Japan, we scoured the net for reviews on this tasty treat. As you might expect, not all of the impressions were stellar.

“If you eat it with the white chocolate, it’s not so bad. But when I tried eating just the ice cream part, all I could taste was mayonnaise, and it stayed in my mouth as an aftertaste.”
“I tried the mayonnaise ice cream yesterday and it was delicious!”
“It only tastes a bit like mayonnaise and mostly like white chocolate, so as a white chocolate ice cream it’s pretty good.”
“It doesn’t taste sour at all. It’s sweet from start to finish!”

Still curious? You can find these Calorie Monster ice creams in convenience stores, supermarkets, and more throughout Japan for the low price of 140 yen (US$1.30), but you’ll have to pick one up before March 2020 when this limited-time deal ends.

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Sources, images: PR Times
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