Starting from today, sushi train chain restaurant Kura-zushi will be serving up two incredibly unique, limited-edition delicacies. Thanks to a sweet collaboration with Morinaga Milk Caramels, customers will now be able to order caramel banana sushi. And that’s not all – caramel corn mayonnaise sushi will be on the menu too.

While the strange combination of banana, rice and caramel had us scratching our heads at first, the more we look at the strange plate of sushi, the more tempted we are to try it! Perhaps it tastes similar to rice pudding? The banana cuts are cleverly shaped like slices of raw fish too, making this a confusing delight for the senses.

The star of the dish, the caramel sauce, is brought to us by Morinaga Milk Caramels, which have been around since 1913.


The caramel corn mayonnaise sushi is equally spectacular, with the corn piled high on a gunkan-maki style sushi roll. Literally translated, gunkan-maki means battleship wrap and refers to the nori-wrapped shape which is said to resemble a battleship. We’ve never seen one like this before, though! The corn sits in a heady mixture of mayonnaise and caramel sauce. According to the company, the sweetness of the caramel and the sourness of the mayonnaise makes for an irresistible flavour sensation.


Available from today until 17 July, and at 108 yen (US$1.06) each, we’re sure many people will be heading to their local Kura-zushi restaurant to get their hands on the unusual treats. We can’t wait to taste-test these!

Source: Narinari
Additional Image: Morinaga Japan