Sliced mayonnaise and white chocolate now exist in Japan, bringing sandwiches to glorious new era

Four different options to make your toast savory or sweet.

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“Mayonnaise Man” believed to have returned to his uniform-ruining ways in Hokkaido

However, he appears to have traded in his weapon for a lower-calorie alternative.

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Japan’s new mayonnaise ice cream doesn’t taste like you’d expect【Taste test】

A different surprise than the one we’d braced ourselves for.

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Morinaga Milk Industry unveils Japan’s first mayonnaise-flavored ice cream!

Rich in eggs, flavor, and calories.

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Leading toy maker in Japan releases DIY mayo-making machines

We take the Ultimate MYO for a spin and see if it truly is the limit of mayonnaise makers.

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Japanese Twitter shares secret ingredient to make perfect pancakes, it’s what you’d least expect

Warning: may induce a sudden urge to cook pancakes.

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UFO instant noodles plans to unleash hell of wasabi and mayonnaise

When the suits at Nissin said, “You can’t put that much wasabi and mayo in your noodles,” UFO replied, “like hell we can’t!”

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Universal Studios Japan and Kewpie Mayo to offer delightfully convoluted Kewpie-Elmo-Easter-Eggs

Japan will see your chocolate-carrying rabbit and raise you a co-opted mayonnaise mascot wearing a muppet costume.

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Kewpie Mayonnaise censors logo of angel wings and nudity for American consumers

If you’re American then sorry, Kewpie doesn’t think you’re ready for its hard-core naked angel logo like most of Earth is.

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Kewpie Mayo Cafe celebrates Mayonnaise Day with a month of mayo-hem, special menu

We visited the Kewpie Mayo Cafe on Mayonnaise Day, March 1, to sample some smooth and sophisticated mayo-drenched cuisine!

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The double-cheese-mayonnaise-melon-bread is a mouthful in more ways than one

When the humbly named “World’s Second-Most Delicious Ice Cream Melon Bread” bakery in Kanazawa blessed the world with its ice cream-filled melon bread this past year, it was a massive hit. The creamy fusion was so popular that its makers opened up another shop in Shibuya in July so that even more people could fall in love with the creamy lumps of guilty goodness.

If you thought the bakery was satisfied with giving customers just one new way to enjoy melon bread, though, think again. They’ve recently put out a new, more mysterious item dubbed the double-cheese-mayonnaise-melon-bread.

What on earth could it possibly taste like? And what does its absurdly long name even mean? We went to find out for ourselves.

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Mayoterrace to open this month, may well be the tangiest place on Earth

For most of my life, I’ve never been much of a mayonnaise fan. It went well on burgers and stuff, but really if the world’s supply had suddenly vanished I don’t think my life would have skipped a beat. That is until coming to Japan and discovering the beauty that is Kewpie brand mayonnaise.

Kewpie Mayo’s taste can best be described as waking up on a lazy Sunday morning to the gentle breath of a kitten by your face as you lay next to your model lover. We’re talking print model not runway – runway is more like Kenko brand mayonnaise.

And so, Kewpie Mayo has become an indispensable condiment to my daily dining routine as it has to millions of others in Japan. However, where can us devoted lovers of the sweet sauce go for information on the history and development of mayonnaise? Mayoterrace, that’s where!

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Justice served with a side of mayo as police arrest man for series of condiment attacks

In a strange story out of Hyogo Prefecture, a man has been arrested for squirting an unwanted, creamy white liquid onto an unsuspecting high school girl. And while the substance in question isn’t as disgusting as it could have been, it’s still pretty gross.

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Eat mayonnaise, get paid $1,500 – most bizarre job ever?

Mayonnaise is a highly debated condiment. There are those who praise it as a creamy, delicious gift to sandwiches while others curse its very existence. Even though the following job requires you to eat mayonnaise, mayo haters may still want to apply. Currently a topic of discussion on Japanese textboard, 2channel, the job in questions is simple: just eat mayonnaise and get paid 150,000 yen (US$1,540)!

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Mayonnaise is EVERYWHERE in Japan

If you are a mayonnaise hater, stay out of Japan. You wouldn’t think it, but the good ole American companion to Wonder Bread is a staple of down home Japanese cooking. From potato salad to lotus root smothered in mayonnaise, at least in Chibu where I live, you can’t sit down to a meal without some mayonnaise-based dish on the table. Aside from being a main dressing for side dishes, mayonnaise is squeezed atop traditional Japanese dishes such as okonomiyaki (Japanese “pizza”), takoyaki (fried balls of dough with squid in the middle), yakisoba (a noodle dish), and many kinds of katsu (fried meat).

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Okonomiyaki Mayonnaise Art is the New Latte Art, We Visit Pioneer Restaurant in Osaka

Some talented baristas are able to draw beautiful patterns or designs on the surface of a latte. This “latte art” isn’t easy to pull off, but the extra artistic effort is sure to captivate customers and keep them coming back for more.

That doesn’t just apply to cafés, either: in Osaka, there is an okonomiyaki shop where the chef enchants locals and tourists alike with stunning displays of mayonnaise art.

If you’re unfamiliar with okonomiyaki, you need to stop reading this article, head to your nearest Japanese restaurant and introduce yourself because you have been missing out. Often referred to as a “Japanese pancake” or “Japanese pizza,” okonomiyaki is of conglomeration of veggies, meat and whatever else you want grilled in batter and topped with, among other things, sweet okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Osaka in particular is proud of its style of okonomiyaki and this particular restaurant, “Okaru”, is said to hold a favorable reputation with the locals. If Osakans approve than you know it must good—and you get a bit of entertainment to boot!

So just how skilled is this condiment technician? We visited Okaru to find out!

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You’ve probably never eaten melon with mayonnaise before. Well, we saw it being done by actress Erika Toda on the T.V. drama “SPEC” and thought we would give it a try. But seriously, melon with mayonnaise? Wouldn’t melon taste better as, well, simple melon?

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