A brilliant idea and suddenly the only thing we want to drink.

Matcha green tea has been a part of Japan’s culinary heritage for centuries, but it’s popularity has really exploded in the past few years as confectioners increasingly incorporate it as a flavor for sweets. But if turning a drink into a dessert works, it stands to reason that turning a dessert into a drink would be a great idea too, right?

That seems to be the logic at Morinaga Milk, which is getting set to roll out a new beverage called Soft Cream Nomechaimashita, or “Soft Serve Ice Cream You Can Drink!”

Technically classified as “milk-based beverage,” it seems like the drink is slightly different from just melted ice cream that Morinaga bottled. Nonetheless, the company is promising Soft Cream Nomechaimashita will have the same rich, milky sweetness as a swirl of vanilla soft serve, but in beverage form.

At 279 calories for a 450-milliliter (15.2-ounce) bottle, this looks like a relatively reasonable indulgence, and unlike with food-type ice cream, you don’t have to consume the entire individual-serving in one go, since the bottle has a cap that you can reseal if you want to save some for later. Morinaga says this makes it a viable choice for both enjoying at your leisure while relaxing at home or taking a quick sips of during your shift at work.

Soft Cream Nomechaimashita goes on sale April 21 priced at 160 yen (US$1.45), and should make a great replacement for Japan’s dearly departed drinkable cookies and milk.

Source, image: PR Times
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