Finally, what all oyster lovers have been waiting for — a remarkably realistic oyster-shaped bag.

That’s right, Japanese online retailer Felissimo’s “YOU+MORE!” line of humorous goods (yes, the pun on the similarly sounding “humor” and “You+More!” is intended) and JR West (West Japan Railway Company) have collaborated to come up with a unique product theme indeed — oysters! Apparently, the concept is part of a project to promote local attractions from the Setouchi Sea, the body of water that separates the main island of Honshu with the smaller islands of Shikoku and Kyushu.

They currently have two oyster-themed items on offer, a shoulder bag and a set of handkerchiefs, and both are surprisingly life-like.

▼ Here’s the oyster shoulder bag

You can see that the appearance of the oyster shell is printed in very realistic detail on the bag.

What’s more, the bag even comes with a pouch in the shape of plump oyster flesh. Yes, they somehow manage to make oyster flesh look cute.

The bag is decorated with attachments in the shape of a pearl and a slice of lemon, which of course is a vital condiment that makes oysters so much tastier. Lemons are also a famous product of Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the Setouchi area, so the decoration is a small but nice detail.

The pouch inside can be used to carry small items like candy or make-up, so it’s functional as well.

The bag itself is just big enough to fit in your essentials, including your smart phone.

The gray color of the oyster actually makes it easy to coordinate with clothes in different colors. Who would have imagined that you could look stylish while sporting an oyster bag?

They also have oyster-shaped handkerchiefs which are available as a set of two.

▼ The handkerchiefs too are printed with realistic oyster patterns. The set of two handkerchiefs includes one in a “raw oyster” design and the other in a “grilled oyster” design.

You can fold the handkerchief in two for an “oyster shell” appearance, and when you unfold it, you can see the tasty-looking inside of the oyster.

If you love oysters and want to carry one around with you (in a form that’s not wet or smelly), the bag and handkerchief are available from Felissimo and JR West’s “EVERYTHING FROM JP market” shopping site. The shoulder bag is priced at 3,700 yen (US$35), while the set of two handkerchiefs costs 1,300 yen.

Now, these items have definitely made us hungry for oysters, so please excuse us while we go out in search of a nice oyster bar.

Source, images: PR Times 
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