They don’t wilt, don’t need water, and last way longer than real ones!

Taking care of bonsai requires a fair bit of commitment, and though they can be trimmed and pruned meticulously to look like stunning miniature castles or charming lighthouses, the fact of the matter is that some of us out there have trouble keeping the little plants alive in the first place.

A Japanese crowdfunding project under the name of Grid-Bonsai offers a solution to that, offering bonsai plants made entirely out of white nylon resin, thus eliminating a multitude of tricky factors like bug infestations, sunlight, and watering conditions that would otherwise turn a fun cultivating hobby into a chore.

▼ Simple, minimalistic, beginner-friendly, and quite aesthetically pleasing.

▼ As its namesake suggests, the “branches” and “leaves” of the models are actually made up of plastic scaffolding that can be shaped using scissors.

A total of seven grid-bonsai models are available through the project, each with different dimensions and trunk configurations.

▼ Type A which is 93 x 210 x 60 millimeters (3.6 x 8.3 x 2.4 inches) for 25,000 yen (US$234).

▼ Type B (150 x 177 x 60 millimeters, 33,000 yen)

▼ Type C (176 x 165 x 60 millimeters, 33,000 yen)

▼ Type D (70 x 189 x 60 millimeters, 25,000 yen)

▼ Type E (140 x 190 x 60 millimeters, 33,000 yen)

▼ Type F (155 x 107 x 60 millimeters, 25,000 yen)

▼ Type G (140 x 100 x 60 millimeters, 25,000 yen)

All grid-bonsai featured can be purchased online through the Japanese crowdfunding website here.

If you are trying to achieve a minimalistic look in your home or give visitors a cool and stylish decoration to gawk at, then getting one of these fuss-free bonsai is an excellent option. They do cost quite a lot though, so if you find the pricing a little too steep, then we reckon little paper bonsai trees would look and work just as well.

Source: Grid-bonsai via PR Times
Images: Grid-bonsai

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