Is it dangerous to slurp oysters straight from the shell? Japan’s Ministry of Health weighs in

It can go two ways: a fun time or a lot of time in the toilet.

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Embrace your inner oyster fanatic with huggable oyster meat cushion and cute oyster compact case

Even if the world isn’t your oyster, you can make your world be about oysters with these new eye-catching goods.

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Love oysters? You can now wear them in style — as a shoulder bag!

Finally, what all oyster lovers have been waiting for — a remarkably realistic oyster-shaped bag.

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Oysters’ amazing cleaning skills shock Japanese netizens who question their shellfish habit

You may be familiar with oysters as the delicious seafood best eaten raw (or as ice cream) and served in months ending in “r,” but did you also know the little guys have impressive filtering skills that can clean even the dirtiest water?

Eating its fill of plankton and other particles floating around, a fully grown oyster can filter more than 50 gallons (189 liters) of seawater in one day. After seeing a few videos demonstrating this cleaning ability, some Japanese netizens started to question just how appetizing this made the once delicious-looking oyster.

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