At just $37, you can easily get your money back with just ten drinks.

Sitting down at restaurants and socializing at pubs used to be a lot of fun in Japan, but the recent consumption tax hike has people wistfully examining their wallets wondering if entertainment is really worth the price.

But worry no more! The Japanese food and drink website Favy is offering a fantastic deal right now to counter the sales tax hike, allowing local pub-goers endless access to over 50 alcoholic beverages like beer, highball, lemon sour, and various cocktails for the low price of 4,000 yen (US$37) per month.

This exclusive voucher is eligible at Hokkaido, Amataro, Nijyu-Maru, Sangendo, Irohanihoheto, and Issa izakaya bars, which means unlimited drinking at 138 stores across Japan!

▼ Great if you frequent these pubs. If not, then it’s time to become a regular.

Seeing as how each alcoholic beverage at these bars cost about 400 to 500 yen, ordering just ten drinks (or less, depending on what you choose) over the course of a month would get all your money back. And if your mileage is more than that, then this monthly coupon is an absolute steal of a deal.

In order to fully utilize the promotion at participating stores, however, there are some rules:

● Customers order from a separate all-you-can-drink menu, the content of which is different for each company.
● The voucher cannot be shared, but if the holder uses it at a table with other non-holders, those non-holders can enjoy the same benefits for 1,000 yen.
● Each all-you-can-drink session lasts for two hours, with last orders to be given after 90 minutes.
● Each customer must order at least two dishes valued at 300 yen or above.
● This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer.

You can see the full set of rules and order the ultimate coupon online here. The promotion only lasts until December 5, with November 5 marking the final day of purchase.

While there are plenty of other competitive unlimited drinking deals out there in Japan, very few provide the freedom of having free-flow booze from six different izakaya bars. The sheer value offered by this golden ticket is seriously hard to beat, but if you prefer tummy-filling scrumptious beef bowls to go along with the alcohol, then why not check out Yoshinoya’s awesome deal as well?

Source: Favy via PR Times
Top image: Pakutaso

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