Jim Jeffries travels to Japan for a closer look at why Japanese millennials aren’t having sex.

In recent years, a number of high-profile personalities from overseas — including Queer Eye’s Fab Five and the host of Conan, Conan O’Brien — have come to Japan to profile the country in special shows aimed at international audiences.

The latest celebrity to visit is Australian-born Jim Jeffries, who hosts The Jim Jefferies Show every week on Comedy Central in the U.S. Jeffries has built his fame on being controversial, acting as a poster boy for the anti-PC crowd and tackling sensitive issues like religion and race with no-holds-barred humour and swearing. Lots of swearing.

So when the 42-year-old comedian brought his signature brand of dry humour to Japan for a discussion about the low birthrate, there was no surprise to see it condensed into a segment called “Millennials in Japan Aren’t F**king”.

Take a look at the clip below:

In the video, Jeffries interviews “four single Japanese millennials” to find out what their thoughts are on dating. While the lineup may be controversial — with the inclusion of a maid and a Japanese YouTuber who once faced criticism for racist comments — the answers they provide to Jeffries’ questions suggest that some men may be intimidated by women, preferring to sit back and wait for them to make the first move instead.

As they discuss the issue further, it becomes apparent that “as women become more empowered, men need to update their vision of an ideal mate“. And while some of the difficulties they face in finding a perfect partner aren’t all that different from other countries, there’s a stark difference in one of the reasons given for the low birthrate, as suggested by the manager of a Tokyo marriage agency.

That’s right – according to this marriage agency manager, one reason why millennials aren’t procreating like previous generations is because many of them don’t have driving licenses. It may sound a little absurd at first but there’s something to it, as non-car owners have one less private space to get up close and personal with their partners, and that can be an issue in a country where singles commonly live at home with their parents until marriage.

More than that, though, is the time and effort involved in obtaining a license, which many millennials may not have the patience for, especially when there are so many other exciting distractions available in today’s modern world. Nowadays, if you want to feel the love and attention of a woman, you can simply walk in and get it at a maid cafe.

These “non-sexual businesses” may fulfil a person’s need for instant love and attention, but it can also bury “the want to f**k”, as Jeffries so eloquently puts it. And after entering a maid cafe in Tokyo, that’s exactly what happens to Jeffries, as he eats teddy bears in a blanket, sips on an ice cream float, and revels in the cafe where women call him “master”.

“Sex is now the farthest thing from my mind.”

Jeffries does have a point when he says sex and reproduction have a lot to compete with. And it’s not just in Japan, where you can have your ears picked by maids, wave glowsticks at girls on robots, and be showered with compliments from women at hostess bars.

Low birthrates are something that a number of countries outside of Japan are currently struggling to deal with too, so now may very well be the time to put down our phones and, as Jeffries says, “get f**king”.

Source: YouTube/The Jim Jeffries Show
Featured image: YouTube/The Jim Jeffries Show
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