Forget Area 51, the Scramble Crossing is where all the action’s at!

With a massive Halloween event coming up, Shibuya remains one of the hottest spots for shopping and entertainment in Tokyo. It is so popular, in fact, that strange visitors might have decided to pay it a visit.

Japanese social media has recently been trending with keywords like “light”, “UFO”, “Tokyo” or “mysterious”. A quick search revealed reports of multiple bright disc-shaped lights sighted in the Shibuya sky, appearing abruptly and sometimes traveling a short distance before vanishing without a trace.

▼ Just what is going on here?

▼ Are they planning to abduct Halloween-goers?

Some people might assume that the lights originate from airplanes or helicopters, but that is certainly not the case as those aerial vehicles would be simply too loud to go unnoticed.

Our Japanese-language reporter Shawn is not one to give up so easily, and upon digging deeper into the origins of these mysterious lights, he stumbled onto a keyword that made everything click into place: searchlights.

▼ Using this newfound clue, Shawn scoured the Internet and discovered that a new building
called the Shibuya Scramble Square will be opening on November 1.

▼ And installed on top of the skyscraper are 18 powerful searchlights. Bingo!

▼ Looking at this footage and the beam of light shooting up into the clouds,
it would certainly explain the strange phenomenon observed thus far.

Taking everything into account, we are assuming that Shibuya Scramble Square is planning to put up some kind of snazzy light performance on its grand opening day.

▼ Or they could be calling out to Batman.

While this isn’t as mysterious as the green fireball streaking across the sky a few years ago, we are just happy we’ll be getting an awesome light display after a full night of Halloween partying. So mark your calendars, everyone, and be sure to check out Shibuya Scramble Square on November 1.

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