46th floor Shibuya observation deck turns out to be a uniquely beautiful place for people-watching.

Shibuya Scramble Square is one of Tokyo’s newest entertainment complexes, with shopping and dining options as well as several floors of office space, all right next to Shibuya Station. But one of the 46-story building’s biggest draws is on the roof, where you’ll find the Shibuya Sky outdoor garden and observation deck.

With an elevation of 229 meters (751 feet) and unobstructed lines of sight in every direction, Shibuya Sky offers breathtaking views of several city landmarks, such as Tokyo Tower, the grounds of the Imperial Palace, and the Tokyo Skytree. However, a city’s beauty and appeal is only half in its locations, since its people are just as important, and what makes Japanese Twitter user @szuuxlo’s recent photos from Shibuya Sky so amazing is the stunning way in which they showcase both.

At first glance, it looks like @szuuxlo has photoshopped two images together, and maybe touched up the silhouettes of people a bit to make them look like they’re made of clouds. But there’s no computer-aided digital trickery going on here, because this artistic blend is created entirely within the camera’s lens.

While Shibuya Sky is open-air, it does have glass walls set up around its outside edge for safety purposes. When @szuuxlo turned his camera towards the scenery, the reflections of the people behind him appeared in the transparent glass as he took the photos.

The result is a series of photos with a warm yet tranquil atmosphere, and also some compellingly candid posing from the fellow Shibuya Sky Visitors, since there was no camera pointed at them at the time.

@szuuxlo isn’t a professional photographer, just someone who lives in Tokyo and likes taking pictures. He’s definitely got a knack for framing and finding the optimal timing to show off the contrast between sunlight and shadow, as seen in some of his other photos.

Ordinarily, Shibuya Sky is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., but the facility is currently closed as part of Japan’s response to the coronavirus. It is scheduled to reopen on March 14, however, and in the meantime, at least we can enjoy the view from @szuuxlo’s photos.

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Source: Twitter/@szuuxlo via IT Media

Images: Twitter/@szuuxlo
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