Japanese knife

Japanese knife professional transforms vegetables into works of art【Videos】

Next-level knife skills create gorgeous garnishes in all sorts of shapes and designs.

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Japanese craftsman creates a knife from jelly and a knife from rice: Which one is the sharpest?

White rice goes head to head with jelly in the sharpest blade stakes, but only one can win.

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Japanese knife craftsman transforms an everyday roll of aluminium foil into a super sharp blade

Samurai-style swordsmithing techniques can be used to create a professional knife from just about anything.

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Oddly satisfying: Sharpening master turns rusted blade back into brand new knife【Video】

The Japanese have a knack for doing things in such a way that are just satisfying to watch. Whether it’s traditional Japanese carpenters putting together pieces of wood perfectly or a grown man in a pink bunny suit bonding with rabbits, there’s no shortage of videos that make you feel like everything is right in the world.

And the next video to add to the list of things to make you go “ahh:” a Japanese knife-sharpening master turning a rusted kitchen knife into what could pass for a brand new tool. Prepare to feel like the air around you tastes a little sweeter as you watch the rust melt away with his delicate yet masterful technique.

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The latest souvenir trend amongst foreign tourists in Japan

Recently, tourists in Japan have been flocking to Kappabashi-dori, also known as Kitchen Town, before returning to their home countries. They come to the small shopping area located between Ueno and Asakusa, Tokyo in search of a hot souvenir item not entirely unique to Japan.

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