Elegance is the name of the game with special Nestlé transportation option.

With the massive amount of people who head into downtown Tokyo every weekday morning, rush-hour trains are always unpleasant in Japan’s capital. But hey, it can’t be helped, right? No place in Japan has more offices than the Tokyo city center, and with most of them starting at around the same time, there’s really no avoiding turning train interiors into compressed masses of humanity.

However, next month there’s going to be a much more enjoyable way to get to work in Tokyo, as some commuters will be able to skip the crowded train and instead take an ultra-luxurious bus.

A joint project between Nestlé and Tokyo-based sightseeing bus operator KM, the YuGa (from yuga, the Japanese word for “elegance”) bus will run between Ikebukuro Station (departing at 8 a.m.) and Tokyo Station, roughly a 40-minute drive away. Seating is reserved, with no standing. Each of the 10 passengers will have their own reclining seat equipped with a foot rest and USB charging port, and attendants will also provide blankets and slippers for those who want to get comfy and/or catch a few extra Zs on their way to work.

Sleeping for the entire ride is not advised, however, because you’ll also enjoy a complimentary breakfast, prepared by restaurant chain World Breakfast Allday. You can choose between an English, Mexican, or Swiss breakfast, which feature sausages, huevos rancheros, and sliced cheese and meats, respectively. Nescafé Excella-brand coffee will also be poured, and there’s even an onboard powder room if you need to freshen up before arrival.

Perhaps best of all, the YuGa bus is completely free. Don’t go throwing away your rail pass just yet, though, because the bus will only be in service for five days, December 2, 9, 10, 17, and 18. The bus will depart at 8 a.m. each day, with passengers being chosen by a lottery system. Still, even a temporary respite from the stress of Tokyo’s morning train commuting is a welcome one, and online applications for YuGa tickets can be made here.

Sources: PR Times, YuGa official website
Images: YuGa official website
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