Daily horde of commuters into Tokyo is larger than one of history’s fiercest conquering armies

Force from the north could have upset the balance of power in 4th century Europe.

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Think you had a rough commute? Japanese salaryman gets jumped by wild boar on way to work【Vid】

After knocking him down, the animal came back to try to finish the job.

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Super compact, foldable electric motorcycle soon to be available in stores in Japan

More fun than a bike, more convenient than a scooter, the Blaze Smart EV is the best new way to get around town.

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Hypnotic moving map of Tokyo’s crazy rush hour trains almost makes them relaxing【Video】

There’s definitely a beauty to the controlled chaos of the morning commute in Japan’s capital.

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10 tweets showing just how crazy snow can make things in Tokyo

As a natural phenomenon loved by many, snow can be pretty cool. Unfortunately, in Tokyo, it’s often more like a wet, cold monster that ruins everything!

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Nine tips for surviving Japan’s hellishly crowded trains

If you have ever ridden a train during rush hour in Japan, you know it takes a certain amount of fortitude to survive it. If you are just visiting the country, sometimes you can avoid those super stuffed trains, buy if you live or spend an extended length of time in any big city in Japan you just can’t avoid taking a packed train. Whether it’s rush hour in the morning, rush hour at night, or the last few trains home, you will often find yourself in a position where you have to give up the luxury of personal space in exchange for a ride home.

It takes a certain amount of skill to stay upright as well as a bit of creative ingenuity to pass the time and avoid feeling claustrophobic in order to survive the crowded train. We’ve collated nine of the best tips to help you get through a hell-like train ride.

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Chinese man cuts off hand to escape burning car, James Franco not signed to star in film

The difference between life and death can be as big as an elephant sitting on your face or as a small your wrist caught in a car frame. Though we haven’t heard stories about murder-by-elephant recently, the story of a Chinese man’s lucky – yet horrendous – escape from a burning car stood the hair on the back of our necks on end…and made us want to keep an emergency meat clever in our car. Just in case.

Find out what James Franco and this poor Chinese man have in common below…

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Oh the things you’ll see when glancing at a nearby passenger’s phone on the trains of Japan

When you’re crammed into a train car during rush hour in Japan and almost everyone has a smartphone in their hands, you sometimes can’t help but look at what someone’s doing on their phone. Moreover, when you have a mix of seated and standing commuters, things get even more interesting, enabling a perfectly positioned passenger to sneak peaks at an unsuspecting person’s private messages. As you’d expect, you come across some really weird stuff when no one thinks you’re looking. Let’s take a look at five anecdotes from passengers who just happened to glance over at their nearby passenger’s phone.

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Say goodbye to cramped commutes with the new “Spike Away” proximity vest

Industrial designer Siew Ming Cheng has evidently had enough of being pushed and shoved on the Singapore subway. Those space-invading commuters have brushed up against, knocked and pushed her one too many times, and now the young creative is declaring war on space snatchers with special body armour: the Spike Away vest.

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