Limited-edition combos come with Butch accessories too!

Hardcore SoraNews24 readers will probably remember Butch, a.k.a Big Wave. Mr. Sato had befriended Butch back in their respective heydays waiting in line for iPhones, and he has been a beloved associate of ours ever since.

▼ Butch (center) with SoraNews24 reporters Seiji (left) and Mr. Sato (right)

However, you might be surprised to learn that waiting in line for iPhones is only Butch’s side gig. He’s actually an active model and actor in the Tokyo area. Just one look at his colorful mohawk and tattoos, and one whiff of his relentlessly effervescent personality would make you instantly think: “This guy was born to be in a Taco Bell commercial!”

▼ That’s actually underselling him. He’s more like if a Taco Bell commercial itself suddenly became a sentient being.

And so it was on 19 December, for the first time in Japan, Taco Bell launched the Chickstar, which is a hexagonally wrapped fried chicken…soft taco-like thing.

I’m not really sure how to define the Chickstar but it’s pretty spectacular in a Taco Bell sort of way. But more than that, Taco Bell is really pushing Butch as the spokesperson for this item, his permanently grinning face plastered all over the posters, web ads, and packaging.

As part of the Chickstar launch celebration, Butch is also promoting the Star Box. What’s the Star Box? Glad I rhetorically asked; in addition to a regular Chickstar Combo the special Star Box Combo, for 1,000 yen (US$9), also comes with a Butch a.k.a Big Wave starter kit.

Unable to not buy it, I headed out to my nearest participating Taco Bell (only the Dogenzaka, Tokyo and Umeda, Osaka locations) to get one of the limited 300 boxes.

▼ It was much larger than I expected.

Inside was a pair of rainbow tinted sunglasses, gold colored chain, and a coupon for another free Chickstar combo, making this box more than pay for itself.

“All you have to do is upload to this big campaign!”

By the way, the disembodied head of Butch is referring to a campaign Taco Bell is holding where by uploading a picture of yourself holding a Chicstar and giving a devil-horns hand gesture to Instagram or Twitter, you can get an 830 yen ($7.50) Chickstar Combo for only 500 yen ($4.60). All you have to do is show the social media post and receipt for the Chickstar in question.

Back to the Star Box, underneath Butch’s invitation to the discount is a mohawk skin cap and hairnet, completing the Big Wave look.

All in all, its pretty awesome. If I had one complaint it’d be that the gold chain didn’t say “DUDE,” but I suppose I couldn’t have been helped due to copyright and all that. As for Butch, we hope this spiritual home of a Taco Bell ad is the first step in a long career. After all, Doritos and Mountain Dew can’t be far behind.

Back when Taco Bell returned to Japan, I wrote an open letter in which I paraphrased the bard Seal, advising them that they’re never gonna survive unless they get a little crazy in this particularly hostile fast-food market.

▼ Steve a.k.a. Master Blaster looking like Butch a.k.a. Big Wave

I’m glad they’re on the right track.

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