Okinawa’s famous fusion specialty dish is now available at Sukiya branches nationwide. 

According to our writer P.K. Sanjun, in this world you can find consistently “good food“, “okay food” and “bad food“. One dish P.K. lists in his the category of “good food”, as in food that never disappoints, no matter where you get it from, is taco rice, a fusion dish that has all the same ingredients as tacos, only with rice instead of taco shells.

Born in Okinawa, where there are a lot of U.S. military bases, taco rice can be harder to come by on the mainland, but now that beef bowl chain Sukiya has added it to their menu for a limited time, it’s much more widely available.

However, can a beef bowl chain really make a good taco rice? This would really put P.K.’s theory to the test, so he headed out to try it after it was released on 6 June.

▼ Sukiya’s taco rice is priced at 580 yen (US$4.15), or you can have it with beef bowl meat for 780 yen.

P.K. ordered the regular taco rice for 580 yen, and when it arrived, it had all the basic ingredients — chili con carne, cheese and lettuce. Sukiya recommends adding Tabasco sauce for “a refreshing spiciness”, so that was on his tray too.

Giving it a good mix and lifting a spoonful to his mouth, P.K. could taste the golden triangle of sauce, crisp lettuce, and cheese. As he’d hoped, this taco rice was truly delicious, proving his theory that you just can’t eat a bad taco rice in Japan.

The Tabasco went well with it too, and now P.K. is considering eating at Sukiya once a week so he can enjoy the limited-time dish while it’s on the menu. Spice lovers will be pleased to know that you can also order a “Fire Taco Rice” with garlic and chilli peppers at Sukiya for 640 yen, so he might try that one on his next visit.

The only thing P.K. loves more than taco rice is tacos — he’s even worn a tank top to buy them!

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