How successful with this experiment be? 

For a limited time until 30 August, McDonald’s is selling 15-piece packs of Chicken McNuggets for 390 yen (US$2.93), which is a 200-yen discount on the normal 590 yen sales price. Also available for a limited time is the Spicy Butter Chicken Curry Sauce that goes with the nuggets, which our reporter Ahiruneko says is his new favourite thing at McDonald’s.

Ahiruneko is so smitten with the sauce that he’s been harbouring a secret desire to eat it on its own, with a side of rice like a regular curry. After days of thinking about it, he finally decided to live out his wild food fantasies while the sauce was still available, so he whipped out one of the packs he’d been keeping in his drawer, and weighed it to see if he could make this dream a reality.

According to his calculations, if each pack weighed 23.5 grams (0.83 ounces), then the sauce inside, minus the weight of the container, would probably weigh around 20 grams. A typical retort curry pack in Japan weighs around 180 grams, so if he were able to get his hands on nine McDonald’s sauces, he should have enough for a curry.

Unfortunately for Ahiruneko, the sauces aren’t sold separately, but the good news is that every 15-piece pack comes with three sauces of your choosing, and so, drawing on his maths skills again, Ahiruneko went and bought…three boxes of 15-piece nuggets.

▼ Stay in school, kids, and you too can be conducting weird experiments like this.

With his nine packs of Spicy Butter Chicken Curry Sauce in front of him, Ahiruneko felt like a food scientist, about to conduct a secret experiment with the potential to ruin the diets of humanity forever.

The method to his madness was easy — simply empty all the sauce out onto a plate…

▼ …then cover it with cling wrap and pop it in the microwave to heat.

▼ Once the curry is piping hot, serve it on a plate with rice and it’s ready for tasting!

Visually, this looked like a retort curry, just without any extra ingredients. Naturally, the aroma was also curry-esque, and lifting a spoon to his mouth, Ahiruneko began to think he might be a genius for coming up with this idea.

▼ However, after tasting his first spoonful, he quickly changed his mind.

Though it looked good, and smelled good, it was way too strong on the palate. The McDonald’s sauce contains tomato paste, grated garlic, butter, and a unique blend of spices including garam masala, so Ahiruneko knew it was going to be thick and spicy, but it was about three times thicker and spicier than he’d anticipated.

Ahiruneko added a couple of nuggets on the side to help the curry go down, but it was still an effort to eat. However, once he’d diluted it with water and a splash of milk it became more agreeable on the palate, although it still wasn’t particularly delicious.

▼ Conclusion: Not worth the calories.

Who knew you could have too much of a good thing? Ahiruneko certainly didn’t, until he’d dabbled with his wildest fantasies. Now he knows that making curry rice isn’t as easy as just adding curry sauce to rice, he’ll stick to using retort packs from now on.

And when it comes to sauces for chicken nuggets, he now knows not to mess with them either. What tastes sublime with nuggets doesn’t always taste so good with other things, which, in hindsight, is a lesson he should’ve learnt earlier on!

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