Searingly hot McNuggets meet Japanese katsudon, but is it a match made in heaven or hell? 

Chicken McNuggets are a favourite mainstay at McDonald’s branches around the world, and here in Japan, they occasionally give their nuggs an extra kick of heat with limited-time spicy editions.

Right now, those spicy McNuggets have landed in stores to bring the heat to our taste buds yet again, and because we love to turn chicken nuggets into a full-on meal, we decided to make katsudon with them.

We recently shared our recipe for the fusion dish we like to call McKatsudon, using regular chicken nuggets from McDonald’s, but this’ll be our first time making a spicy version of the dish. So let’s run through the recipe again, and find out whether the spicy McKatsudon is as good as the one we made last time. 

▼ These are all the ingredients you’ll need to make a spicy McKatsudon.

Ingredients (makes one serving)

  • Sugar – 15 grams (1 tablespoon)
  • Dashi soup stock granules – 3 grams (half a teaspoon)
  • Soy sauce – 20 millilitres (1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon)
  • Water – 60 millilitres (4 tablespoons)
  • Sliced onion – 20 grams (about one-eighth of a whole onion)
  • Chicken McNuggets – 5
  • 1 egg, lightly whisked
  • Cooked rice


1. Mix the sugar, dashi soup stock, soy sauce, and water together to create the sauce.

2. Place the sliced onions into the sauce, cover with plastic wrap, and zap it in the microwave for one minute at 500 watts.

3. Place the spicy chicken nuggets on top of the onions and pour the whisked egg over them. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave at 500 watts for two minutes.

4. Pop the mixture on top of a bowl of cooked rice and you’re done!

Every time we make this dish we’re amazed at how fast and easy it is to create, with the finished meal ready in just five minutes.

▼ Ta daaaa! Behold the mighty McKatsudon.

The meal looked and smelled fantastic, but how would it taste? We lifted one of the nuggets, which was smothered in sauce and hugging a piece of cooked egg, and placed it on the tongue. Instantly, our taste buds stood up in protest, attempting to fan away the fiery heat that hit them, because this McNugget was so spicy it felt as hot as the surface of the sun.

The other ingredients did nothing to dampen the red-hot spices from the McNugget, and once we’d come out the other end of the searingly hot mouthful, we weren’t entirely sure what we had eaten.

▼ Spice hunters will be pleased to know the nuggets come with a Triple Spicy Sauce (left) and a Scorched Garlic Chilli Sauce (right) for even more heat.

After punishing ourselves with another bite of the spicy McKatsudon, we confirmed it wasn’t particularly pleasant. The spices seemed to have zapped all the flavour out of the meal as our taste buds were to busy fighting the heat to actually taste anything.

That’s when we figured you’d probably be better off eating these spicy McNuggets on their own, as they really just spoil the fun of eating katsudon. Instead, you might want to try out our regular McKatsudon recipe, or this other microwave-friendly version from a Japanese restaurant chain, and add spices that don’t blast your tongue off as you go.

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