Burger chain’s new Fake Burger starts a serious craving for chips in our office.

Just last week, Burger King made the exciting announcement that it would be treating its customers in Japan to a very special limited-edition “Fake Burger”, containing two ingredients between its buns: meat sauce and chips!

This new take on a British chip butty won over our Japanese team, who’d never tried anything like it before, and now they’re keen to stuff chips in all their burgers from now on. But which burger-and-chip-filling combo tastes best?

Here to investigate this pressing matter is Japanese-language reporter Egawa Tasuku, who decided to create a chip butty with a burger at homegrown Japanese burger chain, Mos Burger.

Seeing as Burger King’s chip butty contains chips and meat sauce, Egawa decided to replicate this with the Mos Burger, as it also contains meat sauce. He also ordered a large serving of chips to really pack the burger with potato flavour.

In order to make a fair judgement on how the chip butties from rival fast food chains stood up to each other, Egawa ordered a Fake Burger from Burger King to compare. Inspecting the ingredients, he saw the chips were placed directly on the bottom bun, with meat sauce on top, permeating both the chips and the top bun.

Opening up the Mos Burger — which he’d ordered with extra meat sauce — showed this one contained at least twice as much sauce as the Fake Burger.

▼ Plus, the sauce had permeated both buns.

There’s not a lot of skill required to make a chip butty, but just to be sure the chips wouldn’t fall out as he ate the burger, Egawa decided to stack them up, Jenga-style, on top of the meat sauce-smothered top bun.

Working upside-down for better stability, Egawa gently placed the bottom bun on top and then he turned the whole thing right-way up again to take his first bite.

Gazing at this delicious combination was love at first sight for Egawa, who suddenly wondered why Mos Burger hadn’t ever thought to make a chip butty before. Opening wide, Egawa got his jaws around the huge burger and closed his eyes as he sank his teeth through its soft, chewy layers.

As suspected, this was delicious! Salty, sauce-smothered thick-cut chips make for a great chip butty, and this one had that distinct Mos Burger flavour in the sauce, giving it a Japanese-British fusion taste that was hearty, carby, and fantastically tasty.

Egawa thinks the burger he made may have been better had he not added so many chips, but the perfect potato-bun ratio really is up to personal choice. So which is better, Burger King’s Fake Burger or this handmade Mos Burger one? That was actually a tough question for Egawa to answer.

On one hand, Burger King’s version had a distinctly junky, fast-food taste to it, while the Mos Burger version tasted fresher, due to the vegetables used in the meat sauce. While they both tasted fantastic, Egawa really liked the fresher flavour of the Mos Burger chip butty.

▼ This chip butty showdown isn’t over yet, though, as Egawa saw this sign beckoning to him from a distance.

Stay tuned for the next instalment in our Japanese-reporter-makes-fast-food-chip-butties series. We’ll be crunching on this whole-crab burger from Dom Dom until then!

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