Gotta catch some Zzzz’s!

In the world of the Internet, Pokémon are certainly high up on the food chain, with a long-running cast of cute characters that appeal to kids as well as older people who grew up on the series. And in another corner of the Internet lies ASMR, those audio and video clips designed to get your brain all tingly and put babies to sleep.

Now, if you will, please imagine Pokémon as a tasty chocolate bar, and ASMR videos as a big ol’ tub of peanut butter – you know, the kind of peanut butter that’s so good you just want to walk down the street gulping it up with your bare hands like some kind of raccoon.

That’s right, these two heavyweights of gentle stimuli have joined forces in Pokémon ASMR videos!

In this first one a Charmander is quietly dozing by a fire while the viewer can chill to the gentle crackling sounds it creates for 30 minutes.

At first glance, you might understandably mistake this for one of those weird bootleg kids’ YouTube videos, like the one where the Incredible Hulk and Elsa are driving riding lawnmowers and everyone’s farting.

▼ Lest you think I’m making this up.

But actually, the video was posted on the official Pokémon YouTube channel along with the comment, “This is a ASMR video for those who need a gentle Pokémon touch in everything!”

For those who are more into the chewing sounds, Pokémon‘s got your backs too. By just hopping over to the Pokémon Kids TV YouTube channel yet another ASMR video was released on the same day, this time featuring a Chespin devouring a plate of macarons for eight minutes.

Considering these…


Considering these videos themselves came out of left field, it’s unclear whether the companies behind Pokémon plan to release any more. But like anything, if these two ASMR trips get a good response, it’s hard to imagine they’d stop at only two. Perhaps next we’ll have Pikachu whispering its name softly into our left ear, Mr. Mime tapping on some imaginary glass, or Ditto just being itself. Even more standard fare, like Roselia using Grass Whistle, would probably be super effective too.

Sources: YouTube/Pokemon Official YouTube Channel, YouTube/Pokemon Kids TV via Inside
Top image: YouTube/Pokemon Official YouTube Channel