Nikka Whisky tastes great, but it’s how it sounds that’s getting people excited.

Last week, Japanese whisky fans were saddened to hear that three of the countries’ best whiskies, distiller Nikka’s Taketsuru Pure Malt 17, 21, and 25-year varieties, are about to disappear from the market. However, the company’s Nikka Black Clear remains readily available.

Black Clear may not have the same pedigree and accolades that Taketsuru Pure Malt does, but it is a much more economical option. And Black Clear isn’t just easy on the wallet, but pleasing to the ears, as shown in a video from Japanese Twitter user @ry0_ba17. However, the aural pleasure of Black Clear doesn’t come from pouring it over ice and twinkling the glass…

…but from tipping over the bottle itself, which creates something that sounds exactly like a cute cartoon sound effect!

“If you tip over this whisky bottle after drinking a little of it, it sounds so cute,” tweeted @ry0_ba17, and the phenomenon was confirmed when another Twitter user shared a Nikka Black video of their own.


However, it seems as though you have to get the conditions just right to create this pitch. The amount of liquid remaining in the bottle affects the sound, as shown by this unsuccessful attempt done with a smaller volume of spirit.

The quirky chirp also seems to only be possible with the 180-milliliter (6.1-ounce) glass bottle of Nikka Black Clear. Larger glass containers, as well as plastic jugs, don’t seem capable of doing the trick.

Meanwhile, if you’re a Suntory loyalist, apparently placing two small bottles of the company’s The Chita whisky next to each other creates a sound like a warning siren.

By the way, if you’re planning to tip over some Nikka bottles as a party trick, the best results seem to come from har floors, so you might want to have some towels nearby in case there are any spills (as well as some glasses for when it’s time to actually start drinking).

Source, featured image: Twitter/@ry0_ba17
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