Save a splash of whisky for your spuds.

Last week, we took a look at what to do if you have leftover ramen broth: make a delicious and easy Japanese egg custard with just a few steps and a quick stint in the microwave. Today, we’ve got another way to combine two great tastes, and this time the culinary cast is sweet potatoes and whisky.

The idea comes from Hokkaido-based distiller Nikka Whisky, which shared the secret through its official Twitter account. Called Whisky Aroma Sweet Potatoes, the recipe is so easy we couldn’t not try it. All you need is:

1 roasted sweet potato
20 milliliters (0.7 ounces) of whisky (ostensibly any whisky will do, but we chose to use Nikka Black)

First, you need to break open the sweet potato and peel back the skin. Next, pour the whisky onto the potato.

After that, pop the plate into the microwave, leaving it unwrapped. Switch the microwave on, and let the potato heat up until steam starts to rise from it (the timing isn’t an exact science, though, so you don’t need to worry aout the exact number of seconds as long as the potato gets nice and toasty).

And that’s all there is to it! Sure enough, as soon as we opened up the microwave door, the enticing aroma of whisky wafted out to greet us.

The whisky sensation carried over to the flavor too. Perhaps because it had been heated, the whisky didn’t have any sort of harsh bite to it, but the mature and mellow sweetness of the liquor was still there, and had soaked into all of the potato.

The overall effect is relaxing and comforting, warming both body and soul. It also pairs extremely well with whisky, so if you like to have something to munch on while you sip your spirits, this is a great choice.

Nikka doesn’t mention how much, if any, of the alcohol gets burned off in the heating, so we can’t recommend this dish for kids or others who shouldn’t consumer alcohol. But to everyone else, we do recommend it, and highly.

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