Professional manga artist deftly displays his artistic skill progression from kindergarten to the present. 

Ahndongshik is a Japanese professional manga artist who was born in 1980. His first serialization, Gagoze, was published in Web Comic Ganzo in 2006, his second, Lindbergh, in Gessan in 2009, and his third, Renjo Desperado, also in Gessan in 2015. In exciting news, he is serving as the original character designer for the upcoming Appare-Ranman! anime to be released in April of this year.

Appare-Ranman! official trailer

But Ahndongshik circa 1985 still knew nothing of his future professional career–he was too busy scribbling away in his sketchbook and honing his artistic skills. The artist himself recently unearthed some of his childhood drawings and shared one of them on Twitter along with a modern-day recreation, where they promptly received much love:

▼ “←Circa 1985 2020→”

In the scene, the unlikely pairing of Mario and Ultraman Ace are duking it out over some unknown reason. Mario appears to be sneering as he barely dodges Ultraman’s guillotine ray chop. We’re incredibly impressed that both characters are immediately recognizable in the drawing on the left, when the artist was most likely only five years old.

Ahndongshik followed the post with two additional informational tweets:

“I drew Ace for the first time in 35 years. If you look closely at the Ace on the left, you can see armpit creases, shoulders, and joints. That’s just too good for a kindergarten student so I must have been watching something and drawing at the same time.”

“A making-of video. I found the drawing in a [Aura Battler] Dunbine sketchbook I used when I was kindergarten age, so it must have been from around 1985. But since everyone’s praised it so much I think I must be off by a year or two. It would also have to have been after Mario was released [Super Mario Bros. was released in September 1985].”

Net users were impressed with the talent demonstrated in both versions of the drawing but were also confused by the situation:

“Even in the 1985 drawing you can feel the movement and sense of excitement. Well done back then!”
“I absolutely applaud your artistic skills but I have no idea what’s going on here, lol.”
“Floating Mario head is a mystery!”
“It should be titled the sneering plumber who avoided a guillotine light ray.”
“It’s awesome but I also find myself wondering, ‘Why those two?'”

We can only wait to see how much further along the scene will progress after another 35 years! Maybe by then Mario will finally have his own store in Tokyo.

Source: Twitter/@touxi via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@touxi
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