Donbei Delicious Toppings can even be used without noodles.

Nissin knows a thing or two about quick, delicious meals that require minimum effort on your part. They are, after all, the makers of Cup Noodle, Japan’s favorite brand of instant ramen.

Of course, noodles get even better with tasty toppings, and so Nissin is going to start selling those too, with its new Nissin Donbei Delicious Toppings (“Donbei no Oishii Guzai” in Japanese).

The first of the two toppings is kakiage, or mixed tempura disc, which come two to a package. A mix of shrimp, scallions, and other vegetables, kakiage are a much-loved and very easy way to add variety to a simple bowl of noodles while making it more filling too.

There’s also abura-age, fried tofu slices, which also come two to a package. As with the breading in kakiage, abura-age soak up lots of liquid as they sit in your noodle bowl, mixing their own inherent flavor with that of the broth.

The Donbei Delicious Toppings are dried, but ostensibly cook up quickly with boiling water, just like a cup of instant noodles.

From the product line’s name, instant noodle connoisseurs will deduce that the kakiage and abura-age are the same ones used in Nissin’s Donbei line of instant udon. The company is quick to point out, though, that the toppings can be used for rice bowls, too, and there’s nothing stopping you from using them with other types of noodles either.

Both Donbei Delicious toppings are priced at 182 yen (US$1.35). They go on sale March 27, and maybe after they do we’ll get a new episode in the Donbei interspecies romance anime.

Source: Nissin via Jin
Images: Nissin
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