Kitchen Dive’s craziest, most generous offer yet.

If you’re looking to stretch your food budget (and perhaps also your waistline), there’s no better place in Tokyo to do it than Kitchen Dive. This bento boxed lunch specialist has earned legendary status for its massively sized take-out meals, like its three-kilogram (6.6-pound) pasta box and one-kilo (2.2.-pound) onigiri rice ball.

Fans love the place not just for its huge portions, but for its low prices, with Dive’s daily 200-yen (US$1.85) bento being a favorite of those with empty stomachs and almost-empty wallets, and its still very affordable 500-yen options being meaty feasts.

▼ 200-yen bento (left) and 500-yen bento (right)

But now there’s a chance that Dive will be slashing prices yet again. On Tuesday, Kitchen Dive’s official Twitter account put out a notice saying that if it can reach 100,000 followers within a week, it’ll discount prices to zero…for every single item in the shop, for an entire month. Oh, and that’s literally an entire month, since Dive is open 24 hours a day!

The announcement reads:

“If…we…can get past…100,000 followers…within…a week…for one month…24 hours a day…every item…will be offered…free of charge…we’re serious…we’re serious…everything…free.”

Currently, Kitchen Dive’s official Twitter account has roughly 77,200 followers, so it needs about a 30-percent bump by July 7 in order for everyone to get free eats. But considering that Koto Ward (the part of Tokyo that Dive is in) alone has a population of approximately 490,000 people, it wouldn’t be a shock if Dive managed to hit its Twitter follower goal, especially considering how sweet the deal is. As a matter of fact, online commenters think it’s likely enough to happen that several have already been expressing their concern for Dive’s financial well-being, leaving messages like:

“That’s a cool idea and all, but don’t go overboard.”
“I seriously think you should call this off.”
“I’m commenting because I’m worried about you. You’ve given everyone a smile with this idea, but you shouldn’t give your bento away for free. I hope to visit your shop someday, so please don’t overexert yourselves.”
“You should limit the free food to three days top. Otherwise you’re gonna get bankrupted!”

▼ Kitchen Dive’s live video stream

However, as one commenter pointed out, free food doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited costs for Kitchen Dive, since there’s a limit to how many bento they can make in a day. But of course, no one knows Kitchen Dive’s finances better than the company itself, so what does it have to say about the concern?

“Some people are worrying about us, but even if we give away free food 24 hours a day for a month, the cost to us is, at most, around 15 million yen (US$140,200).

No prob (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) No prob (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

So everybody, please follow Kitchen Dive like you’re trying to put us out of business (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

We look forward to your support (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))”

So there you have it: Kitchen Dive itself says its fully capable of eating its operating costs for a month while we all eat for free, so if you want to do your part to make this happen, you can find it’s official account, @divemamuru, right here.

Shop information
Kitchen Dive / キッチンDive
Address: Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Kameido 6-58-15 Land Sea Kameido
東京都江東区亀戸6丁目58−15 ランドシー亀戸
Open 24 hours

Source: Twitter/@divemamuru via Otakomu
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