Now you can hide your home while broadcasting your love of Japan’s most popular self-love device.

With online conferences becoming an increasingly common part of the work-from-home workday, more and more people are using video chat backgrounds. And why not? Dropping in a backdrop from the world of Nintendo, Pokémon, or Kingdom Hearts is a fun way to share a part of your personality while concealing any potential embarrassments visible in your home.

Today, though, we’re looking at a new series of video backdrops that allow you to share a potentially embarrassing aspect of your personality: your love for Tenga, Japan’s most popular brand of masturbatory aids.

As part of the company’s continuing efforts to “help people find some small source of enjoyment while dealing with the accumulating stress of” having to stay home, Tenga is offering a collection of photos, taken around its head office, which can be used as backgrounds for Zoom or other video chat apps. The one above is from the office’s front entrance, and the prodigious red kanji characters proudly declare “Love and freedom” next to a jumbo-sized Tenga.

Other options are a bit less in-your-face about the self-insertion self-pleasuring apparatus. For example. this snapshot of the wall of the employee cafeteria doesn’t show the item itself, just its name.

And this one, of the company’s nameplate, looks entirely business-like and respectable.

“With these, you can feel like a member of the Tenga staff,” the company says, while also touting them as providing the feeling of being a big shot visiting Tenga headquarters to broker a business deal. You can even use set your backdrop to mirror what you’d see while sitting in the Tenga conference room: an entire wall of the company’s surprisingly varied product line.

Obviously, a certain level of discretion is recommended when using these, since while the driving force behind Tenga’s products is a normal and healthy desire, it’s still not something that’s suitable for every group of online chat partners. Still, the option is there for those times you deem it appropriate, and the backgrounds are available for download from Tenga here.

Source, images: Tenga
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